Hiring an Intern

Internships help students learn about the real world

Whether students come from high school and through university or as an adult going through vocational training there is a big difference between going through the academics of a training course and doing the work in the real world. Even when it comes to training courses some courses are academic in nature, while other courses take students on a learning journey using real world scenarios – either way, these students still need to practice these skills in the real world working for companies who rely on the tasks for the management of their businesses.

Finding good Interns

There is a saying that “if you want a good bookkeeper you need to hire a good bookkeeper” and it simply means that when you operate a business in Australia where we have a free market and you can hire anyone you want by going through the hiring process to find the right bookkeeper at the right price. Sometimes however small businesses can’t afford the right Bookkeeper, Office Administrator, Payroll Manager, Digital Marketing person or sales person on a full time basis because they don’t have the need but they can benefit by having a part time or casual worker.

The problem for many small businesses is they don’t have the knowledge or experience to go through the hiring process let alone manage a new team member well. They often turn to independent contractors to provide services and invoice for the work they do because they are “supposed” to be able to manage their goals, tasks and time themselves. The problem is that employees and contractors can both look very different on paper (or online) than how they look in your office and that is why businesses have workplace trials and use interns.

Managing Interns

The Workface Career Academy helps students with a pathway journey from academic studies to working in the real world. This includes courses to help them understand various aspects of running a small business as well as a management program to help them achieve learning outcomes by managing workplace projects and goals. As a small business owner or manager this means you can have an intern help you in tasks you need completed in your business with a management program to help the internet stay on track.

After the Internship

Internships often last between 3 months to 5 months depending on the needs of the business and the scope of the work and is often negotiated between the Intern and the business. It may involve being at, or working remotely for the business every day of the week or on a part time basis a day or two a week – it’s negotiable. The best part is that small businesses then have a much better understanding of the interns capabilities and communications skills and can then offer that intern the opportunity to stay on and continue to help them in their business. For the Intern they’ve managed to see how new or updated skills that they’ve learnt in a course are applied in the real world to help small businesses.


Register Your Interest

If you are interested in running an Intern Program at your business and be matched up with an intern to help you manage aspects of your small business register as an Intern Program Provider.

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