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The Complete Business Cloud Package

Get the biggest bang for your buck with our Complete Business Cloud Package — a full suite of online training courses, handpicked specifically to suit people who want to run their own business and do their bookkeeping in the cloud, or who want to get their existing business back on track. Includes Business StartUp Course, full suite of Xero training courses, social media training, your own personal business coach and more.
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Receive a FREE Business Strategy Analysis

Feel stuck in a rut with your business? Get your free, no-obligation half-hour consultation with an experienced business coach who may invigorate you with some fresh ideas — you have nothing to lose!

Online Business Training Course

business start up online training course videos cheap

  • Delve into new ideas & possibilities, new products & markets and fresh approaches to difficult challenges in an existing business.
  • Explore popular online business options
  • Learn how to new ideas fit in the market.
  • Explore business structure & fundamental risks and how to manage them.
  • Explore basic pricing & break-even scenarios, along with marketing messages, elevator pitches and calls to action.
  • Receive your strategy spreadsheet to set up goals and measure your success.

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Buying an Online Business

Buying an online business selling digital products like online courses enables you to work remotely from home - Australian Online Courses 2

  • Learn about different types of online business.
  • The difference between being a merchant, an agent or an affiliate
  • Pro’s and con’s about selling physical vs digital products
  • Running an online business selling professional services
  • Important skills required to run an online business from home
  • Opportunities to buy an online business and start receiving income straight away.

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Online Business Management Training Courses

Who are these suited to?

learn xero online training course videos

WHETHER YOU WANT to be in business for yourself, or become more valuable as an employee, these courses teach you how successful and professional business owners operate. These online business training courses are for people who:

  • want to start their own business
  • are exploring buying an online business
  • are already in business and want to change, develop or grow aspects of their businesses
  • want to explore a new way to market their business
  • are having problems in their business and need training or personal help.

YOU COMPLETE OUR Online Business training courses with the help and guidance of a business coach or mentor and course content includes interviews with successful business owners and small business experts.

Human Resources, Staff and Payroll  Compliance, Support & Advice

Payroll Courses Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks Online Training - HR, Award, Timesheets support, compliance, advice - 123 GroupIf you are a business owner or Payroll / HR manager completing payroll training or related course with us you’re eligible to receive general help and advice about HR issues you face in your workplace.

Some of these topics can include:

  • Make sure that your HR paperwork represents your company values and meets all the legal requirements.
  • Employment law applies even before hiring an employee. When you begin recruiting, you are bound by laws on discrimination, data protection and more
  • Managing payroll requires up-to-date knowledge of the taxation system and employee entitlements. Managing your payroll has become complicated and time-consuming due to constant changes in employment law, tax, superannuation and record keeping/reporting requirements
  • Work, Health and Safety: Even the smallest office environment presents hazards and risks that employers must take responsibility for.
  • Absence management is a big staff resourcing issue for some companies and may be caused by disability, clash of personalities and other personal reasons. Reasonable adjustments can be made but you may also need to explore legal termination options so you can recruit again. 
  • Poor staff performance or time keeping or serious breaches of your rules can cause problems and need timely and correct handling. Learn about disciplinary and grievance policies, including for misconduct for minor infringements or gross misconduct
  • Managing performance starts with a new hire who proves they are the right person for the job. A thorough induction, regular meetings and performance reviews during the probation period and beyond allow you to assess their effectiveness and address any problems early on.
  • Redundancy consultation process and communicating with all employees, especially those on long-term sick or maternity leave is important if the business needs to reduce staff numbers to save costs
  • Disgruntled employees can affect your staff and culture and if you are unable to resolve issues informally to improve performance or correct misbehaviour, then dismissal may be the only option. Dismissal must follow a fair, consistent and legal process. Unfair dismissal claims have been known to be very costly

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The Complete Online Business Cloud Training Course Package

YOU CAN OWN or manage a business with the training included in this package! The Complete Online Business Cloud Training Course Package contains a series of business, finance and marketing courses designed by successful Australian business owners that provide you with a total solution for building a successful business from scratch, or becoming a qualified business manager.

Xero online training course - quotes, sales, orders, purchases, bank reconciliation, payroll, gst, reporting and BAS logo - smallWe combine our Online Business Start Up Training Course with real-life scenarios and examples of startups and the financial stages they go through in our comprehensive Xero accounting Training courses.

Plus you’ll learn how to design and implement a marketing strategy using today’s modern online marketing tools: Google, Facebook, WordPress and more — and all with a  dedicated course completion coach, an experienced and successful business owner, to assist you to completion.

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Mentoring and Coaching

business coach mentor small businessA MENTOR OR COACH is an experienced business person who will keep you focused and committed as you complete courses. Sessions are in small and easy-to-manage time slots of 15 to 25 minutes for 26 sessions — one for each subject in your course.

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small business operations training courses- croppedOperations Strategy

IMPROVE THE WAY you manage the processes by which your orders are taken, products & services are delivered, customers supported, products ordered and all of the tasks that result in the customer receiving what they ordered.

Learn more about the Operations & Office Administration

Online Sales Training

selling, sales funnels and networking training coursesSALES IN THE ENGINE of any small or large enterprise. Learn how to sell more by understanding that it’s not about pushy pitches, but about learning what people need and want and learning how to find this out in an exploratory way.

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accounting and finance training courses for small businessFinancial Strategy

FINANCIAL SUCCESS STARTS with costings, break-even analysis of new products, sales forecasting, budgets and ultimately ends in profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow reports.

Learn more about Finance, Bookkeeping & Accounts

Professional Online Business Course Support

What goes into a business planThe Team

MAGGIE RICHARDSON HAS helped thousands of people go through the process of starting a business in Australia. She has authored several books on the topic as well, available to order from this website.

Our online business course coaches and mentors comprises business services professionals like chartered accountants, writers, sales coaches and business owners and they have contributed to the small business course with real life scenarios and examples.

Most of our support team have completed our business courses or operated their own independent businesses. These people are available to help you succeed with your goals, keep you on track to achieve your goals or simply help you navigate around the course and learning management system.

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Online Business Mentors

A small business mentor is someone who has been or is currently involved in business and the person you work with and we offer course mentors or professional mentors. Course mentors are available to act as a sounding board, share their own stories as well as use our educator resources to help you complete the course subjects.

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Online Business StartUp Support

The SUPPORT TEAM has experience in business startups which relate to the sale of professional services, online software, products, retail and commercial services. Receive feedback and guidance to support your dream and goals.


Learn from Entrepreneurs!

Business advice from entrepreneursListen to business insights with entrepreneurs  from the comfort of your own home or office!

YOU CAN NOW be privy to invaluable tips and information from proven experts in business — all in an informal and interesting way, just as if you were sharing a cup of coffee with them, via our Business Owner Interviews.

Interview Series

Using the connections and contacts of our academic board we’ve been fortunate enough to speak with business of all shape and size, including:

  • Independent real estate agent
  • Aged Care product importer
  • Juice bar and entertainment retailer
  • Professional service business adviser
  • Internet and email marketer
  • Networking educator
  • Design and Construct roofing builders
  • Gift ware wholesaler/retailer
  • Internet car parking service
  • Promotional products provider
  • Book writer and publisher
  • Professional bookkeeper

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Online Business Strategy Analysis

ASBC Free Needs Analysis for business coach, mentor or adviserWhether you’re brand new to business, starting out at as a contractor or freelancer, or have been in business for several years, — we have someone who can help you.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND personal development go hand in hand because there are challenges at every stage of business through startup, growth and liquidation. The bigger the business the more important it is to understand the challenges and find strategic partner, advisers or mentors who’ve been there before and can help you understand how to manage the change.

Take advantage of our free needs analysis to see how we can help.

Business Owner Interviews

Our casual interview-style presentations will give you insight into how successful business owners and managers do their work. It’s second nature to them and you’ll gain the confidence to be able to do it yourself in your own business.

Topics include:

  • Derek Farmer real estate agent smiling portrait in selling your property educational training video

    For our sales training we interview successful real estate agents and understand their methods and techniques

    Permission-based marketing

  • Google Adwords, local search and more
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Relationship and referral marketing
  • Business structures including Sole traders, companies, partnerships and trusts
  • How to raise finance for your business
  • Accounting software programs
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Using Microsoft Excel efficiently
  • Steps to take to sell your business
  • Using social media to improve your brand
  • How to protect your brand
  • Tools to help you with customer service
  • Tips to help your customers recommend you
  • Using Mobile to increase sales
  • How to motivate your staff members, and much more!

You can now learn from a professional in an animated and absorbing way and listen as they are asked questions about the topics they know.

Cheap bookkeeping, cheap digital marketing, hire an intern, get HR support - 123 Group Pty LtdHire an Intern

Thousands of keen students across Australia are spending time and money improving their skills to become more employable, get jobs, change careers etc, and they’re willing to become interns for your business.

We have a placement program designed to benefit both students and employers.

Register as an Intern Placement Provider and find your next employee


Get help with Payroll Administration and HR

Ask us a question about small business marketing, startup, sales, admin, operations and finance - online training courses and mentoringThere’s a lot to know about Human Resources for small businesses and we can help.  You are welcome to “Ask Us a Question” about: 

  • Awards
  • Hourly rates
  • Penalties
  • Entitlements
  • Timesheets
  • Superannuation
  • Single Touch Payroll
  • Wages

Get HR & Payroll Advice Now

Create an Online Business Plan

business-plan-documentA BUSINESS PLAN is based around your knowledge and research and includes:

  • Information about the product / service
  • Information about your competitors
  • Your key advantages over competitors
  • Your marketing message

Plan how you will manage your business, hire staff, supply products/services as well as billing and financial goals. We can help with a business plan for you.

schema type=”event” evtype=”BusinessEvent” url=”https://www.australiansmallbusiness.com.au/courses/small-business-management/researching-the-market/” name=”Research the Market” description=”Start the online business course anytime and learn at your own page how to identify: Your industry or industries, Who are the players, How does it work, What changes have happened recently, What trends are impacting on your possible product or service, Who are your competitors, Why should I buy from you?” sdate=”2023-05-16″ stime=”10:00 am” edate=”2024-05-16″ duration=”08:00″ street=”Online” city=”Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth” state=”NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA” postalcode=”2000″ country=”AU” ][schema type=”event” evtype=”BusinessEvent” url=”https://www.australiansmallbusiness.com.au/courses/small-business-management/7-marketing-action-plan/” name=”Marketing Action Plan” description=”Learn when to use Google Adwords, website SEO, blogging, Direct Mail, Letterbox Drop, Telemarketing, Local Newspaper, Radio and Television. ” sdate=”2023-05-17″ stime=”10:00 am” edate=”2024-05-17″ duration=”08:00″ street=”Online” city=”Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth” state=”NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA” postalcode=”2000″ country=”AU” ][schema type=”event” evtype=”BusinessEvent” url=”https://www.australiansmallbusiness.com.au/courses/small-business-management/11-selling-your-products-and-services/” name=”How to Sell – Sales Training Course” description=”Selling is the key to success in every business. Learn how to define the exact product/service that the customer is willing to pay for, How they wish to use your services and be supported and how they want to pay for it. Then systemise your sales process to make it automatic. ” sdate=”2023-05-18″ stime=”10:00 am” edate=”2024-05-18″ duration=”08:00″ street=”Online” city=”Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth” state=”NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA” postalcode=”2000″ country=”AU” ]

The Australian Small Business Training and Support

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