Professional Support

Professional Support

The Business Growth System

Our systemised approach to business growth is an evolution after educating and supporting over 1000 students to plan for, launch, promote and manage their own business via our Small Business Management Course. In that time we realised that job seekers need a course to learn the full range of skills required to manage a business but business owners need more than that.

Business owners need advisers, coaches and other people around them to make their business a success, whether a new venture or an existing business.  

Our services are built on the process we apply in our courses so you can be confident that the work, research and learning you do will lead to new strategies to help you grow and manage the various aspects of your business.

Support Options

asbc-combination-of-course-and-business-support-optionsWe offer low cost course support for the Startup Course to fixed project-based course and mentoring so you can not only progress through a structured learning program but have access to a mentor who’ll review your work, be available for telephone conversations and provide guidance based on their own experiences as well as those of our academic board.

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The Business Growth Team

What goes into a business planOur Academic Board

Our board consists of business services professionals like Chartered Accountants, writers, sales coaches and business owners and they have contributed to the small business course with real life scenarios and examples.

Our Support Team

Most of our support team have completed the course or operate their own independent businesses. These people are available to help you succeed with your goals, keep you on track to achieve your goals or simply help you navigate around the course and learning management system.

Small Business Mentors

If you’re starting a business but need help sorting out the initial problems and want the mentoring support from someone who has already started that kind of business you’ll be excited about Mentoring Support. This can even help if you’ve got an existing business but your in a bit of a hole and need to get back on track.

You’ll also be challenged about where you find your information, how reliable your product and service costings are and whether your expectations are justified. This is all done in an interactive and friendly way to keep you on track and help you create a realistic plan that results in profits.

The Education Founder

Maggie Richardson, has helped over 1000 people go through this process and she has written several books about starting a business in Australia.

Share a Cuppa with an Entrepreneur! Business advice from entrepreneurs

Imagine being able to listen to the business insights on a regular basis with entrepreneurs — all from the comfort of your own home or office!

You can now be privy to invaluable tips and information from proven experts in business — all in an informal and interesting way, just as if you were sharing a cup of coffee with them, via our Business Owner Interviews.

Our mission is to pass on business information that is authentic and relevant and, to this end, we have assembled the wisdom from some very successful Australian business owners and made this information available for you.

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Business Owner Interviews

Starting in 2013 our growing team of experts will provide you with up-to-date commentary about each aspect of the Small Business Management and StartUp Course, including: Online webinars for business advice

  • Permission-based marketing
  • Google Adwords, local search and more
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Relationship and referral marketing
  • Business structures including Sole traders, companies, partnerships and trusts
  • How to raise finance for your business
  • Accounting software programs
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Using Microsoft Excel efficiently
  • Steps to take to sell your business
  • Using social media to improve your brand
  • How to protect your brand
  • Tools to help you with customer service
  • Tips to help your customers recommend you
  • Using Mobile to increase sales
  • How to motivate your staff members, and much more

You can now learn from a professional in an animated and absorbing way and listen as they are asked questions about the topics they know.

The Business Growth Technology

Technology is omnipresent in every aspect of managing a business and our academic board have tremendous experience using Internet based technologies and software for each of the aspects of a business from marketing, sales, management and financed. When you work with your mentor and coach you’ll get access to information and even training about the various software programs that can help you be more productive.

It all starts with your Free Business Needs Analysis so let us know where you’re at right now and what you want to achieve and we’ll see how we can help you. The Business Needs Analysis is free of charge and can be completed quickly only now.

Free Needs Analysis


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The Digital Business Email Course includes information about domain registration, website content and online marketing and Google Analytics. Delivered to your Inbox over 12 days. It includes:

  • 7 Things you need for an effective website - it helps Google too
  • How to build brand awareness for free
  • How to catch people at your website
  • All about social media
  • Domain Name and hosting secrets
  • How to analyse your website stats
  • Whether you should blog or not
  • How to build brand value
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