PayPal helps business get paid faster with either Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks

PayPal helps business get paid faster with either Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks

I always find it interesting when an accounting software company touts the fact that their clients can get paid faster using their software. The fact is that any cloud-based accounting software makes it easier to interact with other cloud services like PayPal. Now...

Using Xero but not securing your debts? Unsecured creditor?

Use the PPSR alongside Xero & MYOB to master your credit management Credit Management and Payment Terms is better with Xero Ever since Xero emerged and handed control to businesses for accounting in the now (not just the cloud) businesses have been able to quote...
Seek, SpotED, SpotJobs, Indeed & Gumtree Jobs

Seek, SpotED, SpotJobs, Indeed & Gumtree Jobs

Hiring staff is something you’ll do as a business owner or manager at some stage in operating the business. In medium sized businesses the hiring and firing is performed by a dedicated HR Manager or Human Resources staff members and the process is exhausting and...
What’s a Finance Manager?

What’s a Finance Manager?

Could You Be — Or Do You Need — A Finance Manager? Finance managers are responsible for the financial health of a business. They product financial reports, look at investment data and direct investment activities, make sure financial transactions are legal, and look...
CASE STUDIES: ‘Innovative’ Australian Businesses

CASE STUDIES: ‘Innovative’ Australian Businesses

Alternative Funding Routes for Innovative Australian Businesses We spoke about the measures the Government has taken to encourage Australian entrepreneurs to start innovative businesses in Australia, by making it easier to obtain funding, through a number of tax...
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