Why Value Pricing is Better than an Hourly Bookkeeping Rate

Why Value Pricing is Better than an Hourly Bookkeeping Rate

How Hourly Rate for Bookkeeping Will End Up Paying You Less   It’s important to have an understanding of the general industry rates for bookkeepers as many bookkeepers like working on an hourly rate. This is particularly so for the reconciliation portion of...
Do Customers Really Care About You?

Do Customers Really Care About You?

Age doesn’t have a lot to do with how much customers love you I was speaking the other day with a young guy who left school and would love to start his own business, but he said that clients wouldn’t give him a go because of his age. It made me think about the...

How Do You Make Money on Amazon?

Another way of earning money online With its launch in Australia in late 2017, Amazon has created another opportunity for Australians to earn money online, either by selling goods through Amazon’s “Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program” or its Associates Program (which...

Why Working for Free is Okay

The perks of working as a bookkeeper for free Working for free is normally not advisable. This is because sometimes it indicates that you don’t value your services, that you’re overpriced, or that you’re inexperienced. (And if you were a permanent employee on a...

Digital Marketing Strategies to Help an Asbestos Removal Company Stand Out Online

Google can be everyone’s friend; even when it comes to removing asbestos Asbestos and the removal of asbestos is not a subject that gets the heart pumping with excitement — in fact, it usually fills it with dread. When homeowners realise, or even just suspect,...

Current unemployment rate highest in Australia than peak of GFC

Is there security in being an employee? The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently announced that the unemployment rate had fallen to 6 percent; news that was probably met with a collective mopping of eyebrows and sighs of relief from the Abbott government which has...
Amway Shows Us It’s OK to Change Your Business Strategy

Amway Shows Us It’s OK to Change Your Business Strategy

Our Small Business Management Course is designed to give you everything you need to create a well thought out and researched business plan that you can use as a blueprint to achieve your goals. One of the topics is ‘Business Planning’ — you could just as...

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