Flare HR: The Small Business HR Department in the Cloud

HR is now in the world of cloud computing Cloud computing has changed almost every aspect of operating a small business, with one stark exception: HR. Where cloud accounting software makes it easy for small business owners to keep an eye on how they’re performing...

How Do You Make Money on Amazon?

Another way of earning money online With its launch in Australia in late 2017, Amazon has created another opportunity for Australians to earn money online, either by selling goods through Amazon’s “Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program” or its Associates Program (which...

Do Circulating Asset Provisions Protect You?

How to use your assets as security for a loan YOUR BUSINESS MAY need working capital in order to grow, but perhaps you are reluctant or unable to secure a loan for it. If you have in place sound credit management procedures, one option is to sell your receivables —...

Has the ATO been bankrolling your business?

There’s a lot to learn about people who pay their tax debts late The ATO announced the other day that they’re owed more than $35b in tax debts, mostly from businesses and individuals are late filing their returns or making payments. Even though big businesses...

Recruitment: Where Will You Find Your Next Employee?

Are Seek and CareerOne now less relevant? In a past Sydney meet-up, we were discussing recruitment and the ways business owners find and attract quality talent to their firms, which revealed an interesting shift away from the traditional methods of recruitment. When...

The Working Café

Places for Coworking For a lot of people, working from home is too distracting. There are those who find the call of the laundry basket too great; others who may have a partner or roommate that doesn’t think popping their head in and saying, “I’m not interrupting am...

Co-working In Shared Spaces

Teleworking and Working at Home The job market is going through a fair bit of change at the moment. Companies are downsizing and restructuring, and full-time jobs are becoming scarce. But it’s not the doomsday horror some people would have you think it is. In fact,...

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