Hiring staff is something you’ll do as a business owner or manager at some stage in operating the business. In medium sized businesses the hiring and firing is performed by a dedicated HR Manager or Human Resources staff members and the process is exhausting and time consuming but it’s important to get it right, otherwise you’ll have morale problems and potentially need to wriggle your way through industrial relations laws.

Even when you get the hiring process right and have a great team of people you need to be certain that your team get the pay and benefits they are entitled to. If you have 4 or more staff and have any questions about your obligations to make sure you’re doing it right take advantage of our free HR Advice service.

Job Descriptions & Awards

The job description, roles and responsibilities and description of your company culture is one aspect you need to carefully consider. Others include:

  • Key Responsibilities
  • Expectations of experience
  • Expectations of performance
  • Remuneration and Job Type

We explored some job boards for accounting jobs and were surprised by what we found. Here are the main points:

  • Writing a job ad is the easy part
  • Having all the paper work, payroll information, award information and new employee on-boarding is the hardest (get some HR advice if you need it), and
  • Job applicant filtering is the most time consuming
  • You’re better off going with the market leading job board because they have far wider reach with quality potential candidates

Accounting Job Boards

We explored some leading and small job board to understand the best place to advertise accounting jobs. There is a huge range available from the market leader, SEEK to free job boards like Gumtree and part-time job boards like SpotJobs, which seems to have a focus more on fast food retailing jobs but are trying very hard to break into the part-time accounting job market.

It was interesting to note that two of them have started side businesses to increase their revenue (Seek Learning and SpotEd)

We did a very rudimentary search for accounting jobs in Melbourne and these are the results which came up:

Job Board NameNumber of jobs
Gumtree Jobs97

Alternatives to advertise your accounting position

When you delve deeper into the job boards available you’ll find there are dozens of different job boards available to you and the smaller they are the more they special. In the case of SpotJobs they appear to focus on part-time jobs for common areas like retail and food businesses whereas there are other places like Work At Home Mums and Virtually Yours which both focus on finding work for parents.

Anonymous Airtaskers

You can always also try a website like AirTasker which aims to help individuals earn extra money working close to home. The only issue I’ve experienced with Airtasker is making sure the person you get is good enough to do the work.

There is limited contact with the contractors before you engage their services and the only way to see if they are good is via reviews at the Airtasker website.

If you want basic tasks like delivery, rubbish removal, cleaning an assembling furniture etc this gig economy site seems to offer a reasonable range of contractors.

The messaging format tends to be via a text format until you choose and commit to using one of them at which point you can start to collect their full name, business name and phone number.