301 Microsoft Excel – Open and Understand Spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel (course 301) – Open and Understand Spreadsheets

Introduction to Microsoft Excel: Get to know the Excel screen and what the various parts of the screen are called, learn how to turn parts of the screen on and off so that you can customise your screen and know how to deal with situations when you use other peoples computers and their Excel screen looks different. Understanding how Zoom works, the active cell and how to preview your work so you can see what it looks like before printing it. Understanding the difference between page break preview and print preview, working with files and understanding Shortcut menus.

The Excel screen including toolbars, formula bar, name box, column and row headings, sheet tabs, uses for Excel (Worksheet, Database & Charting).

Getting around a spreadsheet using keyboard & mouse, moving between workbooks. Selecting (or highlighting) cells, columns and rows & entire spreadsheets.

Entering information into workbooks and resizing columns.

Training Video List

301101 – the excel screen (Length – 2:39)

301102 – more about the excel screen (Length – 5:08)

301103 – print preview & zoom + Active cell (Length – 4:49)

301104 – uses for Excel & changing zoom (Length – 3:48)

301105 – changing what you view (Length – 3:02)

301106 – Page Break and Normal Views (Length – 2:24)

301107 – working with multiple files (Length – 2:37)

301108 – Right click and shortcut menu (Length – 3:16)

Microsoft Excel (module 301) – Section 2 videos

Working with exercise files, understanding the contents of cells and realise where the information is that even though it may appear in a different place or not appear at all. Getting around the program using the mouse and keyboard, moving between sheets and files (workbooks), Inserting and working with sheets.

301201 – Open the exercise files (Length – 3:09)

301202 – The content of cells (Length – 3:16)

301203 – moving around the spreadsheet (Length – 5:02)

301204 – moving around using the keyboard (Length – 4:59)

301205 – moving around workbooks (Length – 3:27)

301206 – working with sheets (Length – 4:30)

301207 – inserting sheets (Length – 2:52)


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