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Marketing is a core function in every business because it involves the defining of products and services, pricing, special offers and calls to action.

Once these steps have been setup, digital marketing serves the function on maintaining brand awareness, pinging prospects regularly, building a community on social media and maintaining loyalty and advocacy with past clients.

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Although sales is now taken care of in the marketing process there are many businesses which are based on lead generation (marketing) and then defining what the prospect (potential client) wants and needs, compiling a quote and then nurturing the relationship to win the sale.

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Operations, Management & HR

This activity involves systemising and improving the processes of a business to improve customer service, improve staff quality and productivity and refine and fine tune costs.

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Bookkeeping & Accounting

Bookkeeping and accounting is required to lodge financial activity statements to be compliant with the ATO but good financial management also helps you better understand how a business is performing and to highlight areas that might need changing to improve performance.

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