Payroll administrations is complex and time consuming but a very important part of the accounting tasks in many accounting jobs and this is your chance to learn about Payroll for FREE.

The Xero. MYOB and QuickBooks Payroll Administration courses offered by National Bookkeeping provide students with an Advanced Certificate in Payroll but the introduction to practicing bookkeepers provides valuable experience and insights often learnt on the job.

Their Career Academy pathway into Accounting programs give accounting course students the opportunity to gain valuable skills, experience and introductions to help students increase the opportunities to get a job at the end of their training.

FREE Payroll Administration Training Sample

Payroll administration is closely tied to the hours that employees work and their very important wage and working conditions so it’s an area of accounting that requires attention to detail and knowledge of employment laws and regulations. In 2019 payroll and wages are closely linked to superannuation via Single Touch Payroll.

If your only experience with payroll is receiving a regular wage payment where all your deductions and super payments are already taken care of you’ll be in for an interesting journey.

Payroll and superannuation contributions are an important contributor to employees lifestyles, life choices and financial assets. Employees also need to fit their personal lives and family around their work (or vice versa) so scheduling rosters and keeping track of time off, holiday pay and annual leave requires a LOT of co-ordination and record keeping.

Accounting Jobs in Payroll Administration

Any accounting job which incorporates the collection or payment of any sort of tax is administered by the Tax Practitioners Board and needs to involve supervision from a properly trained and experienced accounts person (like an accountant or BAS Agent).

If you ever perform this work as an independent contractor you MUST have vocational qualifications and be registered with the TPB.

See why thousands of students choose National Bookkeeping and the Career Academy to find work in accounting job and get your free Payroll Training Course Manual. Ask for the FREE Payroll Training Materials

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