Using Xero but not securing your debts? Unsecured creditor?

Use the PPSR alongside Xero & MYOB to master your credit management Credit Management and Payment Terms is better with Xero Ever since Xero emerged and handed control to businesses for accounting in the now (not just the cloud) businesses have been able to quote...
CASE STUDIES: ‘Innovative’ Australian Businesses

CASE STUDIES: ‘Innovative’ Australian Businesses

Alternative Funding Routes for Innovative Australian Businesses We spoke about the measures the Government has taken to encourage Australian entrepreneurs to start innovative businesses in Australia, by making it easier to obtain funding, through a number of tax...
Small Business Marketing Tips – SHORT VIDEO

Small Business Marketing Tips – SHORT VIDEO

When to Use Newspapers for Advertising Newspapers might seem old school, but a lot of your customers might be old school too. As part of our Small Business Management Course we have a Business Planning and Introduction to Small Business Marketing Course where you can...
How To Obtain an International Trademark

How To Obtain an International Trademark

Looking to take your business overseas? A trademark is a recognizable sign, design or expression that identifies a product or service of a particular business or individual. It may include a name, word, phrase, logo, symbol, design, image, or combination of these...
Hourly Rates vs PBRs

Hourly Rates vs PBRs

Most Clients Don’t Like Paying an Hourly Rate … Unless It’s a Low One Settling on a pricing structure for your new business is something many new independent contractors agonise over, particularly those in the professional services space. As a...
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