Google can be everyone’s friend; even when it comes to removing asbestos


All topics lend themselves to blogging and other ways of getting your business discovered by Google – even asbestos removal.

Asbestos and the removal of asbestos is not a subject that gets the heart pumping with excitement — in fact, it usually fills it with dread. When homeowners realise, or even just suspect, their home or part of their home may have asbestos in it, they immediately worry about safety and what the potential costs of removing the asbestos might be.
When it comes to a less-than-exciting subjects or professions like asbestos removal, companies may think there’s nothing they can do online to increase their digital presence. But that’s not true. All companies can be found by Google, even asbestos removal companies; they just need an excellent digital marketing strategy.

Asbestos removal is important and not boring


While your business may not create memes that go viral, there are lots of things you can do to stand out online. (In fact, this is true for any business that thinks it’s “too boring” for digital marketing.) What follows are 5 ways we are helping local Newcastle / Lake Macquarie asbestos removal company ABS Asbestos with their digital marketing strategy.

1. List your credentials in asbestos removal

In the case of ABS Asbestos, it’s about listing their credentials in the realm of asbestos removal; indeed no one wants to hire a “cowboy” to remove the potentially hazardous building material from their home. When it comes to a lethal substance like asbestos, people want to be assured that safety standards are being met, and costs are being kept under control.
The best way to communicate to potential customers that this is being done is to display your credentials, including any licenses and insurances you hold, prominently on your website. Whatever your industry, listing your credentials in your chosen field will give you instant credibility.

2. Include an FAQ section

Do you spend a lot of time answering the same questions over and over for customers? That’s a sign that you should include a section of your website that answers some of those common questions people have about asbestos removal, as well as how you operate and what customers can expect once they hire you for a job.
Some businesses fear disclosing too much information about their business, because it eliminates some of the phone calls they receive each week. In their mind, those people, even if they’re just making generally inquiries, can be converted into a customer.
This theory isn’t without merit, but you have to be an extremely good sales person to convert someone who’s at the very broad end of the purchasing funnel into a customer. Most customers are probably ‘feeling you out’ and not going to make a purchase decision instantly.
You’d be better off including this information on your website, so that when those people are ready to hire someone, you’ll be top of their list — that is, if you follow the rest of your digital strategy correctly!

3. Start blogging

This is a big one, and for a couple of reasons. The first is that blogging is a great way to show people you know what you’re doing and understand your industry really well. (It’s also a great way to easily communicate complex issues to customers.) It also makes your content fresh and current, which imbues a sense of passion in your business.
The second is that it’s great for Google, which loves new content — that’s also relevant. Its algorithms are continually indexing the internet for this kind of content, so the more you blog, the more Google will regard your website as a source of new, relevant content. Eventually, it’ll push you higher in its search results for particular topics. Which means you don’t have to pay for online advertising!

4. Be informative

Recall what I said earlier about there being no business too boring for digital marketing, because this is where you can still get the same results as one of those exciting, on trend businesses, only instead of memes, you’ll dazzle them with information.
Some potential blog topics could include:

  • Ways to dispose of asbestos, and how much it’ll cost
  • The different types of asbestos, and the types that can and can’t be removed
  • How people can handle asbestos safely — an electrician can spray shaving cream on an area before before drilling
  • The questions people should ask asbestos companies to ensure they handle asbestos correctly, and that you’re getting the service you paid for
  • The different parts of a house or structure people might find asbestos
  • Warn people about dodgy operators who charge for asbestos removal, when there wasn’t any asbestos in the structure.

5. Maintain a job blog

Aside from telling someone “I have lots of experience removing asbestos,” how else can you communicate all your years of experience and the types of jobs you’ve completed? With a job blog! That’s a separate blog from the news blog, where you share all your informative tips and advice, dedicated to the types of jobs and projects you’ve worked on in the past.
Include pictures and plans, and write it up like a case study — set up the problem, the solution you came up with to solve it, any bumps along the way, and the conclusion.
This is a great way to show people your past experience and the types of projects you’ve worked on; plus it also doubles as references.

How to create a digital marketing strategy

Always remember: It’s not just exciting or trendy businesses that succeed online; it’s businesses with a digital marketing strategy. As I said earlier in this post, there’s no business too boring to succeed at digital marketing. You just need an excellent digital marketing strategy, like the one we created for local Newcastle / Lake Macquarie asbestos removal company ABS Asbestos.

For help creating a digital marketing strategy so your asbestos removal business, or any other kind of business (seriously, ANY!) stands out online, visit our website for more information.