Xero recently announced some record financial results to the accolades of company insiders but the social media response has not been so positive.

Everybody I’ve every spoken to has always raved about how easy Xero makes their bookkeeping.

Bookkeepers loved it because they could work remotely online from home and businesses could invoice on the go. But something is changing and it could be caused by the hardship facing many businesses.

The backlash on LinkedIn has been interesting to see because all of a sudden there is a lot of negative consensus that Xero are charging too much. One person even compared Xero to becoming another MYOB – like that is a bad thing!


Xero is still a very popular accounting program and their marketing is very good.

With Xero you’ll get a product that works well but may be a little more expensive than it’s competitors but has a strong user base that know how to use it. When looking at most bookkeeping or business administration jobs there is an equal split between MYOB and Xero.

Although there are gaps in the features offered by Xero the timesaving features make Xero worth the cost. Let’s hope they don’t continue to take advantage of their popularity and push their clients to the edge just because of price.

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