Cooking shows, recipes and guides that help people learn how to cook and make great meals for themselves and their families have been money making activities for decades.

Some of the most famous cooking experts have written best selling books and become regular guests on celebrity shows but Instagram is spawning a new generation of cooking experts that you might find a little surprising.

From comedic concepts using a puppet to serious soul searching people who love cooking are sharing their innovative ways of expressing their love and they are fantastic!

Ayo Cheeta (Good Boy Noah) and Sarah Snow

You could say that these people are almost at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to content. One is a hilarious mashup of hip-hop combined with cooking instructions while the other contains a serious soul searching message while cooking healthy food.

But both of them are addictive to watch until the very end.

The new cooking show generation is firmly upon us and it is a fantastic real-life example of how technology is changing every aspect of our lives.

These video content creators are making cooking a natural part of our lives while sharing a message of fun and soulful.

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