Introducing the Complete Business Cloud Package

The Complete Business Cloud Package

The Internet Makes Everything Possible!

ANNOUNCING the new ‘Complete Business Cloud Package’ — perfect for you if you want to start up, manage and systemise your business, or get your existing business back on track.
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Ok, maybe this is overkill, but running your business online, or in the cloud, means you can work from anywhere, anytime.

WITH THE COMPLETE BUSINESS CLOUD PACKAGE you will receive the resources and support (including personalised mentoring — by a human) to get your business up and running, systemised and continuing to run. This package amalgamates our most popular courses into one carefully considered package to save you a heap of money and time trying to isolate the best courses to suit your needs.

The Complete Business Cloud Package provides you with the latest industry information, legal and pricing information, as well as teaching you how to use Australia’s leading cloud-based accounting software, Xero, to manage your finances online. It also covers marketing. We show you how to customise your marketing message using WordPress, Facebook and Google. You will learn how to effectively broadcast your message to potential and existing clients and build a community for referrals and recommendations.

All the while, you’ll have access to support and guidance online and via phone with your own course completion coach included for free as part of this package.


So, again, what’s included in The Complete Business Cloud Package?

1. The Business StartUp Online Training Course

Our Business StartUp Online Training Course follows a proven methodology for discovering and defining products and services. Our course contributors are experienced business people, actively running businesses still, and our course includes interviews with these people along with other entrepreneurs in retail, professional services, technology and many other sectors.

These professionals, with proven track records in running successful businesses, reveal what they have learned along the way and tips for success in your business. We teach you how to identify risks and ways of managing them (including the insurances you need in place) as well as the kinds of legal and privacy contracts and agreements required for the work you do.

Also included as part of this course is the Business Partnerships online training course and Business Partnerships template

Read more about the Business StartUp Online Training Course

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2. Business Partnerships Online Training Course and Template

This popular online training course is part of our Business StartUp Course and includes an agreement template for joint ventures or working with other businesses in all kinds of different capacities. Whenever you’re working with others in business, you’ll need to define the roles and responsibilities of sole traders, contractors or business owner; cover risks; and have contingencies in place.

Even if you form a joint venture with other unrelated businesses this popular course and agreement will arm you with important knowledge and a template you can use for open discussions.

Our Business StartUp Online Training Course is also available separately, but is included in The Complete Business Cloud Package.

Read more about the Business Partnerships Online Training Course and Template

3. Your Own Course Completion Coach

Entrepreneurs need to support one another! The Australian Small Business Centre is affiliated with many coaches/mentors who willingly provide their time and expertise to our students. Most of our mentoring business people have been involved in start ups and learned how to develop and grow businesses to point of exit.

Enrolling in The Complete Business Cloud Package will provide you with access to your own Course Completion Coach — there to help you get through the course and provide suggestions and guidance along your business journey. You receive 5 x 30 minute sessions with an experienced Course Completion Coach over a 6-month period.

Learn more about our extensive Team of Coaches and Course Support

4. The ENTIRE SUITE of Xero Accounting Software Online Training Courses

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Thousands of Australians have learned how to use Xero with our suite of Xero online training courses. Xero has now become one of the most popular cloud accounting programs in Australia, let alone the rest of the world. One of the great things about Xero is that it can be accessed by logging into an online portal. This makes it much more convenient than downloading software, continually updating, and worrying about backups. The fact that it runs online, or in the cloud, also means your accountant and staff members can access and use it at any time as well.

With The StartUp Academy Cloud Package you receive not one or two, but access to SIX of our highly regarded Xero online training courses, taking you through several startup business scenarios for professional and sales services. Xero will help you manage every aspect of your business finances and processes.

See what’s included in the Xero Accounting Software Online Training Courses

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5. Digital & Social Media Marketing Package

Marketing your business using social media and digital tools is not rocket science, but it can be bamboozling to know where to start and what to invest time in. Our Digital and Social Media Marketing Package features ALL OF OUR digital and social media online training courses in one neat package. Starting with the basics and following through to more technical aspects of using social media, when done, you’ll have in place a digital marketing strategy that will help customers find you online and enable you to keep marketing to them.

Our online courses show you how to build a website  and create the necessary ‘landing pages’, ‘call-to-action’ offers, email and blog subscriptions and databases. We also show you how to include social media micro posts, comments, shares and likes — using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This package really has THE LOT!

Learn more about Digital and Social Media Marketing 

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6. Course in Google

The Google Course is included as part of our Digital and Social Media Marketing Course. We know how to make Google love your business and getting to the first page of Google’s search engine results doesn’t have to involve paying to use Google Adwords — which will save you the value of this total package ten times over!

Our Google online training courses take you through a number of Google tools to help you achieve the best online marketing results for your business. These tools include:

  1. Google Analytics and Visitor Statistics
  2. Google Adwords
  3. Google Feedburner
  4. Using Google G-Suite
  5. Using Google Gmail for business

Read more about our Google Courses

7. Student Support

With all of our online training courses, you receive responsive online student support. We invite you to email and a friendly support agent will promptly provide you with the answers. If you require extra help, phone support is available, and with this Complete Business Cloud Package you’ll receive your own dedicated course completion coach to help you finish with flying colours.

Learn more about Online StartUp Support

8. A Copy of Starting a Business in Australia: Including the Easy Business Plan

As another bonus you’ll receive a free copy of Maggie Richardson’s practical handbook for running a successful business. As a successful business owner and teacher herself, Maggie Richardson guides you through the sometimes hazardous exercise of startup and helps you to compile the essential business tools to obtain finance and maximise growth. Some of the contents in this book are included in digital format in the StartUp Course.

Read about the book, Starting a Business in Australia by Maggie Richardson

9. Xero Training Affiliate

Become a Xero training course affiliate and earn money online

When you enrol into the Business Cloud Package you’ll be eligible to join our affiliate marketing program as a client (huge saving).

You’ll have the opportunity to earn an income by recommending the training course packages to people you know who can benefit from it.

Learn more about the Xero Training Affiliate Program

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“After careful consideration, I opted for the ASBC Complete Business Cloud Package. I wanted to understand social media and how to use it in my business and also be able to do the financials for my business.

“I can say it’s given me the confidence to go forth in my business with extra gusto and knowledge that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. In some ways the course reinforced approaches that I had thought of already and it also taught me new ways of looking at selling my services. I learned how to apply the practical skills for running a business and keeping momentum and I came out of it all with a detailed business plan which I adjust as I go on and which I still refer back to more often than I thought I would.

“My chats with various mentors, Steve Slisar and Mark Darling in particular, and the videos I watched which had a lot of other business people sharing their insights were easy to follow, and quite interesting and have been relevant to lot of situations that I’ve come across running my own business. I can honestly say I got a lot out of this course.”

— Annette Biggs, Virtual Assistant and Web Designer

“For what I think is a relatively small investment given the costs of starting my own business, the Business Start Up Course has taught me the skills that I lacked in the business world and which undermined my confidence. I’d come from a paid job and had been at the same place for 11 years and knew it was now or never when it came to starting work for myself. I feel inspired, educated and like I’ve met a bunch of fellow business people who I can contact down the track for feedback on my ideas or to ask advice from. It’s a great course and you learn a lot.” 

— Trudy Senger, Bookkeeper

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“The Complete Business Cloud Package offers strategy and execution. You can talk about strategy for weeks, but when it’s time to put it into action, how are you going to do it? This course sets you up for both.”

— Steve Slisar, coach and mentor with the Australian Small Business Centre

So what’s the price?

  • The Business StartUp Online Training Course
  • The Business Partnerships Online Training Course and Template
  • 5 x half-hour sessions with your own course completion coach (for 6 months from course start date)
  • Our ENTIRE SUITE of Xero Accounting Software Online Training Courses
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing Package (which includes all of our digital and social media online training courses, including using Facebook)
  • Online Google Courses to make you a pro at using Google and its business offerings
  • Responsive online and phone Student Support (in addition to your dedicated coach)
  • A Copy of Maggie Richardson’s book, Starting a Business in Australia: Including the Easy Business Plan
total price of complete business cloud package online training course

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Become Part of SOMETHING BIGGER! Enrol in The Complete Business Cloud Package Now!

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