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One of the benefits of online training courses is the cost and the accessibility — for a low price you have access to a huge collection of

  • Training videos
  • Course workbooks
  • Professional interviews
  • Assessment tasks and quizzes

You can have the training tools you need and if you are self-motivated and can allocate the time you can work through the knowledge reviews and assessable tasks to achieve your qualifications quickly.

If you find that you have a lot on your plate and you want the help of a coach to keep you on track then you need our accountability coaching – we call it achievement coaching because it enables you to achieve your goals on time.


Achieve Success in Small Milestones

When you enrol in our Complete Business Cloud Package, you will have your own dedicated Completion Coach to help keep you focused and remaining committed; ensuring you achieve small milestones each week, fortnight or month and complete the course, a business plan and possibly even start building a business within a pre-determined timeframe.

Many projects appear huge when viewed from the end point, but when given one small task at a time to complete successfully you, like many other students, will be very surprised how much you can achieve within even 3 months, let alone 6 and 12 months.

Your coach can work with you to map out a study plan and help you achieve it using weekly milestones or simply set monthly goals and then review what you have achieved at the end of that period.

Technically, these coaching sessions are in small and easy to manage slots of 15 to 25 minutes for 26 sessions – one for each subject in your course, however you’ll find that many coaches will work with you via email and chat as well as phone conversations and they may be of shorter duration but more focused and specific. If you combine achievement coaching with your own work and study you may find that you complete the assessment tasks and your entire course in as little as 13 weeks or at least within 6 months.

Our coaches understand the course content so they can advise on areas that you should focus on to ensure you complete your course. It’s the best way to “help” you do the hard stuff as well as the easy (or more enjoyable) parts of the course.


Free Strategic Analysis and Coaching Opportunity

David Hall business coach and mentorMANY SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS go out on their own because they don’t like being an employee.

But running a business is hard; it takes constant energy and enthusiasm, creativity and the ability to persevere with the grunt work.

Perhaps your business would benefit with the help of a Business Coach? There’s no better opportunity to find out! 




Marketing Strategy and Coaching

Small business online and offline marketing training coursesMarketing includes product/service, pricing, message, call to action and then regularly evaluating this process and your business performance against the greater market and your competitors. You’ll learn about market targeting and choosing the message and call to action in both online and offline marketing mediums. Pricing comes into this area because product defining can help you better understand the cost base and therefore the required retail (or wholesale) pricing.

You’ll look at the difference between value based pricing and charging an hourly rate (ideal for businesses involving professional services).

Learn more about Marketing Strategy and Training


Sales Strategy and Coaching

selling, sales funnels and networking training coursesThere is a common saying that “nothing ever happens until someone sells something” and if you need to learn to sell or how to sell more you’ll get it from our sales course and coaching.

For those who want to understand the process behind successful selling you’ll understand what to look out for and how you can sell by just helping people get what they need. We also explore subtle ways of selling like upselling and packaging.

We explore the difference between marketing and sales and how the line between the two is becoming blurred as potential customers have infinite online resources to learn about you and your products before even making contact. Finally we explore the sales funnel and using it to create forecasts based on the probability of getting a sale.

Learn more about the Sales Strategy and Training


Operations Strategy

small business operations training courses- croppedOnce you have clearly defined a product/service, designed the marketing and are making sales you’ll need to manage the processes by which your sales are delivered, customers supported, products ordered and all of the tasks that result in the customer receiving what they ordered. This area includes hiring the right people and managing those people so they understand the importance of their role. Your operations management enables you to automate and systemise the business so that anyone can come in and with a professional job induction perform the work and get up to speed quickly.

Good operational management enables your team members refer to a written document, policies and templates to understand how to resolve issues and successfully deliver great quality customer service.

Learn more about the Operations Strategy and Training


Financial Strategy

accounting and finance training courses for small businessEveryone is in business to ultimately earn revenue and make money and we’ll show you the important information to be aware of, how to get it and how to read it. This starts with the costings and break even analysis of new products, includes sales forecasting but ultimate ends in profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow reports. You’ll learn about how you can use this information to raise capital or exit the business and understand important metrics that should be viewed and managed very regularly.

Learn more about the Finance Strategy and Training


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