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The course also comes with a variety of training resources to help you achieve better results using templates, files and checklists. Read about some of the training resources available to you. Read more..


Training Methods

With our new online training tools we are now able to provide training, coaching and support to students across Australia and even around the world. This page explains some of the training methods that we offer so choose the training methods you prefer and align them to how much you can spend to find the best mix and balance of training methods for your own individual needs.

Video Tutorials

We have turned our classroom tutorials into a video format that you can watch at your own leisure. You are also able to review them as often as you want within your course access period. These tutorials have been honed over a decade of helping students evolve their business ideas and build them into real plans that enable them to take real action to start and grow their own businesses. For those students who are looking for work, our training has helped bring clarity to their own ideas and a solid understanding of the vision required of a business owner to achieve success. Read more..

Reference Guides

These booklets have been created for each subject within the Small Business Management Course. The information in these reference guides have been sourced from various sources including Maggie Richardson’s 291 page book called “Starting a Business in Australia”. These reference guides are included in the Small Business Management Training Course to compliment the teachings in the video tutorials and they are updated as we create new content. Read more..

Knowledge Reviews

We subscribe to the mantra of study, plan and do and we try to structure our training courses this way as well. We’ve also found from student feedback that you want to know that you are on the right track in your learning so we have compiled a series of questions on each subject. These knowledge review questions are designed as a way to test your skills, but are primarily a way to ensure you are remembering the key knowledge in each subject. Where possible we also provide references for you to use to do further research if you get a question wrong. Read more..

Business Owner Interviews

We conduct regular live interviews with experienced business owners and business service professionals on topics that are included in the small business management course. These interviews enable you witness an experienced person presenting their knowledge and being interviewed to answer more specific details about their business experiences.

These interviews add an extra depth to the content and a recency to the information as well as provide you with an insight into people who are using the tools in their business. Read more..

Online Support

We utilise a professional online support system that is used by some well known companies to manage our support. It’s called ZenDesk and it costs a lot of money, but our student satisfaction has increased considerably since we started using it. For you as a student though you simply send our support team an email and it automatically gets logged into the system so we have a history of the support you required and can provide you with a better and more customised experience. Read more..

Telephone Support

There is nothing quite as good as personal one-to-one support to help you through any issues you have with your courses and we understand that. With our Small Business Management Courses packages we aim to ensure that you get the support you need and ensure that we are able to provide that level of support. Read more..

Community Membership

The growth of social media has promoted the importance of being part of a community, but the concept of your own tribe has been with the human race since the beginning. Your tribe is a community of like minded people who look out for and after each other but it’s also a place for individuals to turn to for belief, encouragement and the strength to continue on their journey. Read more.. 

Assessable Tasks

If you are choosing to receive a nationally recognised certificate (ie. the Cert IV in Small Business Management) you will need to complete various tasks that form part of your assessment. These tasks are provided to you electronically via email, the learning management system or the support site and require you to perform tasks and submit your results to demonstrate your competency. Read more..

Achievement Coaching

One of the benefits of online training courses is the cost and the accessibility.  You can choose a training package that contains the training tools you need and if you are self-motivated and have the time you can work through the knowledge reviews and assessable tasks to achieve your qualifications.

If you find that you have a lot on your plate and you want the help of a coach to keep you on track then you need our achievement coaching. Your coach will work with you to map out a study plan and help you achieve it using weekly milestones. Weekly contact is made to ensure you are on track in your studies. Read more..

VIP Mentoring

If your head is constantly filled with great ideas and you want to be able to speak to someone about them this is the coaching you need. Have an idea that will help your business grow? Have a problem but too many possible solutions? When you want to speak with someone who has done it all before and will give you the confidence to march forward with your business you need the VIP mentoring club. Read more..

StartUp Academy

Do you find that you need extra help with the training materials? Sometimes the information doesn’t sink it and you need the help of someone who can explore different scenarios or descriptions of the material so that you can relate to it. This is when you need one to one training. It’s an optional extra and you get one to one attention from a course expert. Read more..

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