Training Resources

Our Small Business Management training course comes with a variety of training methods to help you learn the way you prefer to learn. The course also comes with a variety of training resources to help you achieve better results using templates, files and checklists. Here are some of the training resources available to you.


  • Receive a Business Plan template file – so you can just fill in under the headings.
  • Three year full financial spreadsheets to help with your business planning. Included in the pack are three main financial files – (one of which will suit any business model); instructions on how to use them and if necessary to modify them, as well as access to FUN cartoon tutorial for newcomers to Excel.

We have a three year model for Business Startup, Sales Forecasts, Cash Flow, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet and as a bonus two of the spreadsheets are linked to Stock tracking sheets. It’s easy. You fill in the gaps in the first three sheets and the last two generate themselves. Come on – doing financial forecasting was never this easy at school. We even calculate the tax for you. Don’t waste your valuable time creating your excel files when we have done it for you.

How to use Computer Software

Instructions to manage software programs for those who are not so computer literate, including:

  • Microsoft Word document files and
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files

Training Guides

  • Receive a  check-list for your business start-up to make sure everything is in place.
  • Step-by-step business plan writing manual.

The Australian Small Business Training and Support

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