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The Small Business Journey

You’ve probably read through much of the information on this site already and it’s all included when you join the Startup Academy. If you are at the beginning stages of starting a business it might all seem a little daunting but don’t stress, starting a business in Australia is a journey of personal development and growth and it’s actually one of the biggest rewards mentioned by many successful entrepreneurs.

The journey to success in starting and growing a business starts with having a dream, creating a plan to realise it can be a reality and then learning all the skills (both software and people skills) you need to create a team and manage their performance. Along the way you’ll learn about how to network with other business owners and how to manage the many negative experiences you encounter and turn them into business success stories.

The Fundamental Business Needs

Which ever path your personal journey takes there are some fundamentals needs for every business and most of them are covered in our Cert IV in Small Business Management. When you choose to join the StartUp Academy our experts will help you CREATE the fundamental requirements of every business and they include:

  1. Business structure setup
  2. Business Website
  3. Online marketing and awareness
  4. An accounting system
  5. Communication methods like email and telephone
  6. Systems to support your customers

An Invitation to Join

The Startup Academy is only available to students of the Australian Small Business Centre’s Cert IV in Small Business Management and by invitation only so if you like the thought of it please mention it to your course support person, Achievement Coach or Mentor.

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