Telephone Support

The arrival of the Internet brought with it the ability to work and study from anywhere. It also increased the use of international call and support centres and that resulted in major customer support issues for the companies that use them. It also shows a preference to reduce costs as opposed to improving customer service. We don’t use them.

Choose your desired level of support

Telephone support is can be an expensive service to provide and we carefully choose the level of support available in our Small Business Management Course Packages to ensure that you get the level of support you need. Having said that, every student can call us at any time if they have any issues in using or accessing our online Small Business Courses.

Achievement Coaching

If you choose a small business management package that includes this level of support one of our coaches will make regular contact with YOU to ensure you are on track to complete your courses. Read more..

VIP Mentoring

If you have decided to start a business and choose a Course Package that includes Mentoring you will be able to call one of our industry experts WHENEVER you need to to reach your business goals. Read more..

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