Assessable Tasks

Assessment task for Cert IV Small Business ManagementWhen you choose the nationally recognised certificate (ie. the Cert IV in Small Business Management) you’ll be required to complete various tasks that form part of your assessment. These tasks include written assignments, Microsoft Excel calculations and knowledge review questions and the goal for these tasks is to demonstrate your competency (that’s the technical term for it).

Written Assignments

There are assignments for each of the subjects in this course and when combined they form your business plan so you can either get started with your business or better understand the business you are currently working for.

You will start with an idea for a business (and it can be as simple as a lawn mowing business) and then go through each of the questions until you have a draft business plan. Once you’ve completed all the tasks you’ll be surprised to see how much you have written and if you are passionate about the business idea, it won’t be hard to write about.

Assessor Feedback

Our Assessors are passionate about business too, so rather than a score for your work you will receive written feedback to challenge your expectations. This feedback is designed to be impartial and realistic so you put your ideas and assumptions to the test they deserve.

If you are looking at starting a business in one of our specialities our assessors will be available provide mentoring support to help you turn your dreams into reality.

Knowledge Reviews

These tests are a combination of instant answer exams that can be marked very quickly. This component is usually completed towards the end of your course and covers all topics in the course. While the questions are designed to test to see how much information you have retained, they also act as an education tool to highlight important parts of the subject material.

Nationally Recognised Certificate

Upon successful completion of the assignments and knowledge review questions you will be issues with a nationally recognised certificate (Cert IV in Small Business Management) to demonstrate your capabilities in Small Business Management. This is VERY helpful if you are looking for a job, but also an excellent achievement reward for successfully completing your studies.

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