Video Tutorials

Video tutorials can be either on screen demonstrations about the topic or a presentation that often occurs in a face to face training environment where the trainer uses a PowerPoint slideshow presentation and explains verbally about the topic.

Where we explain how a website works or how to navigate around a software program we’ll provide an audio visual recording of how to perform the selected tasks. Our Live and Archived webinars are also video tutorials in a way except that they emanate from a live presentation to students.

The great thing about video tutorials is that you can go over and over them as often as you need to, to understand the topic being explained. You can also pause the video while you try to perform the task that’s being explained. Although face to face training is an excellent method, this enables you to start the course whenever you want and progress at your own pace. You won’t be tied to a schedule and you won’t have to wait for the slowest person in the class or the chase the fastest.

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