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Small Business Training Courses

Our Small Business Course combine the structure of Nationally Recognised Training subjects delivered in a “real world” flow that results in you creating a solid business plan strategies.

Start a business in AustraliaThese are the small business courses we offer:

  1. Small Business Startup and Admin,
  2. Small Business Marketing Training Courses
  3. Small Business Sales Training Courses
  4. Small Business Operations Training Courses
  5. Small Business Finance Training Courses

Choose courses individually or combine them all together to create a solid business plan that you can take to prospective investors, business partners or just use yourself to provide a well though out path to success..

A Price to Suit Your Budget

We’ve packaged our Small Business Course to provide you with the most appropriate support for your budget as well as your goals. When we operated our training centre in Sydney we offered mainly one-to-one or class-based courses, but we now offer all of our training online using a Learning Management System (LMS). This method of training is sometimes called Distance Learning or Correspondence courses with the main difference being that we provide all resources online within the Learning Management System so you can access all the course materials.

Because it’s delivered online you can choose the support options you want:

  1. Student Guidance and Online Support
  2. Mentoring and Phone Support
  3. Achievement Coaching and Business Consulting

See our Small Business Training Course Options.

Choose the Mentoring and Phone Support Option

With Mentoring you receive:

  1. Feedback on your assignment tasks as you complete them (not just a tick, cross or grade)
  2. Motivation and inspiration from Tutors and your learning community
  3. Mentoring to turn your dreams and goals into action and activity

Training for specific skills

Small Business Startup and Administration

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Small Business Marketing Training Courses

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Digital Marketing Training Course Package

virion Digital Online Marketing Academy Training Courses in Facebook, WordPress, Google and Social Media LOGOGet every aspect of digital marketing in one combination course. Including:

  • creating and optimising your own website using WordPress to
  • starting a business blog,
  • building an email list and doing email broadcasts,
  • creating call-to-actions,
  • landing pages and converting website visitors to customers.
  • Re-targeting and re-marketing
  • Facebook and Google Advertising
  • Social media comments, sharing and building a community, and
  • Much, much more

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Small Business Sales Training Courses

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Small Business Operations Training Courses

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Small Business Finance Training Courses

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assessment and certificate for Cert IV small business managementAssessment and Certificate Option

Every student who successfully completes all subjects in the course receives a Certificate of Completion. This course option is activity based and you will be provided with assessment tasks that you will need to complete within the course access period.

During your assessment period you will have direct email (or phone contact with Mentor Support) with your tutor to get the guidance and direction you need to complete the assessment tasks.

The assessment tasks in this course option will provide you with a Certificate and all the information you need to create a business plan.

Business Plans

If you have read some of the best books on starting, growing and managing a small business you might realise that the business plan can be the difference between success and failure for the simple reason that a business plan provides you with the confidence that you have done the research you require to believe in the product or service your business provides, but also keeps you on track if times get challenging.

one-to-one supportMentoring and Achieving Your Goals

Our course coaches will go over the course material and show you the information in a way that might help you understand better. You have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like and the information you receive will be tailored to your circumstances.

If you are looking at starting a bookkeeping business, becoming a virtual assistant or creating and updating websites using WordPress we have experienced mentors that do these tasks every day and they are available when you choose the Small Business Startup Package.

Learn more about the various training methods we use and why?

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[schema type=”event” evtype=”BusinessEvent” url=”” name=”Research the Market” description=”Start the small business course anytime and learn at your own page how to identify: Your industry or industries, Who are the players, How does it work, What changes have happened recently, What trends are impacting on your possible product or service, Who are your competitors, Why should I buy from you?” sdate=”2019-01-30″ stime=”10:00 am” edate=”2020-01-30″ duration=”08:00″ street=”Online” city=”Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth” state=”NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA” postalcode=”2065″ country=”AU” ]

[schema type=”event” evtype=”BusinessEvent” url=”” name=”Marketing Action Plan” description=”Learn when to use Google Adwords, website SEO, blogging, Direct Mail, Letterbox Drop, Telemarketing, Local Newspaper, Radio and Television. ” sdate=”2019-01-30″ stime=”10:00 am” edate=”2020-01-30″ duration=”08:00″ street=”Online” city=”Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth” state=”NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA” postalcode=”2065″ country=”AU” ]

[schema type=”event” evtype=”BusinessEvent” url=”” name=”How to Sell – Sales Training Course” description=”Selling is the key to success in every business. Learn how to define the exact product/service that the customer is willing to pay for, How they wish to use your services and be supported and how they want to pay for it. Then systemise your sales process to make it automatic. ” sdate=”2019-01-30″ stime=”10:00 am” edate=”2020-01-30″ duration=”08:00″ street=”Online” city=”Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth” state=”NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA” postalcode=”2065″ country=”AU” ]

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