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What is the difference between top sportspeople and the wanna bees? Winners use coaches.

What is the difference between the top business people and those just mooching along? Once again – winners uses coaches.

Distance is no problem as many coaches use phone contact only.  A coach helps you to bring out the best in yourself and helps you guide your business so that it not only survives, but also experiences growth. It is based upon encouragement, constructive comments, openness, mutual trust, respect and a willingness to learn and share.

Coaching provides an effective support system that can contribute significantly to your life and business. It offers a pathway to build skills and move you towards your future goals.

I say again. Look around you. Who is winning and who is just getting by? The top sports people have coaches and so do the top business people.

Coaches have different skills so you need to choose your coach carefully. Take the free fifteen minute intro talk and get to know the coach and then book your time.

‘Coach on Call’ is a unique service in that we provide assistance to get your business on track – so that is not so unique – but we do it in YOUR time at YOUR pace in YOUR space and we pay for the phone call.

What that means is that you choose a time that is mutually agreeable to both you and your coach – no we don’t work 24 hours a day but neither should you. We are available anytime between 8am and 10pm most days Monday to Saturday – that means you can choose a time that is best for you so that you may get the best value out of the coaching session.

Your pace means YOU choose the subject areas that you feel you need to work on; and WHEN that is to happen. Your coach may suggest that it would be a good idea to say, get your paper work problems sorted before 30th June so that you can start your  financial year fresh but ultimately it isYOUR choice.

‘In YOUR space’ means that we call you where ever you nominate so you can stay in your home or office and talk to us even if your office is at home on the other side of the country or even for that matter – the other side of the world.  Help is as close as your phone/computer.

Timing of calls is by agreement and each session is an hour. Time can be extended by agreement if Coach is not committed to another call. The coach will phone you so there are no call costs. You may see your coach on line via Skype at times other than arranged times however we can’t guarantee that they are available to talk to you. If you wish to speak to them send an email. If the coach is free to talk they will reply by email as to their available times. Spontaneous sessions such as these are charged in 15 minute increments with the shortest being 15 minutes.

Let us help you work through the issues in your business.

Your coach can help you identify and understand problems, provide advice and guidance, and recommend effective business focused answers that deliver real value to your organisation.

From concept development to glitches, a coaching session will help clarify avenues to solve your problem and let you move on. From the beginning we help define an overall strategy, work on through planning and structuring record keeping, marketing with an end result that ensures your investment works. We are outcome-focused – we help you identify your goals and then support you while you achieve them.

Payment at booking of coaching.  (Credit cards are not charged until the coaching time has past).

Talk to the Coach Now and then book your coaching times on 1300 302 698

Cost: $220 per session     Discounts for five/ten Sessions prepaid.   Five Session $980.00  – Ten sessions prepaid $1700 Discounted sessions can commence at any stage but cannot be counted retrospectively.

Australian Small Business Centre’s business coaching service is a valuable resource for all organisations who want to get the most out of their business.

Cancellation policy: Cancellation of coaching session within three hours of designated call time – payment in full. Cancellation prior to that three hour time, no charge taken.

The Way it Works

1. Email/Phone to book first contact with coach. This is a free call to coach – call is limited to 15 minutes maximum but helps to establish areas you may need to work on your business. During this time you can decide whether coaching will work for you.

Suggestions are:

Business Planning Getting Started Record Keeping
ABN/GST queries Marketing Sales Systems internal
Employment concerns Setting up Website Changing structure
Partnership issues Policy issues Losing motivation
Understanding financials Break even How to work it out
Costing products/services Changing direction Goal Setting
Market Research Identifying USP Selling the business
Time management Changing location General areas of concern

2. Having agreed on the overall plan in your initial talk, you choose the subjects you wish to discuss. The coach will help you work through the issues and agreement is made on possible action that will help you move forward. Remember Coaching will only work for you when you are committed to improvement of your business.

3. Appointment times are set up and penciled into schedule.

4. Distance Clients Only. Option 1.
(a) You download free software and set up for Skype with microphone and headset.
(b)  Email Software ID details to your coach.
5. Phone call from Australian Small Business Centre confirming method of contact, time of session and payment details. Payment is made by net transfer 24 hours before call or by pre-booking with credit card. Please note banks are not committed to the same service code and direct payments made after 6pm on Thursday do not reach their destination until Tuesday morning. If payment is to be made by net transfer, email must be sent with details so that confirmation may be made prior to coaching session. This is necessary so that you don’t lose valuable coaching time sorting out administration. Please note that even though credit card details are taken on booking confirmation and authorisation requested, no payment is processed prior to coaching session being completed. (exception – see cancellation policy).

6. At time established for coaching session you phone in and session commences. Please note late calls do not qualify for extra makeup time. During the coaching session you will establish actions to be taken and arrange for follow-up sessions.

7. For each of the follow- up sessions you will receive a phone reminder the day before. If you cannot be contacted and do not have voice mail and subsequently do not phone at your appointed time you will be subject to cancellation policy penalties.

8. Cost: $220 per session     Discounts for five/ten Sessions prepaid.   Five Session $980  – Ten sessions prepaid $1700  Discounted sessions can commence at any stage but cannot be counted retrospectively

Cancellation policy: Cancellation of coaching session within three hours of designated call time – payment in full. Cancellation prior to that three hour time, no charge taken.

Phone now and book your fifteen minute free talk with the coach.  Get to know the coach and then book your first serious session.  Phone 1300 302 698

Meet the Coach

Maggie Richardson

Maggie is the Director of the Australian Small Business Centre Pty Ltd. Throughout her lifetime she has been involved in various business ventures in family situations, partnership and on her own. The businesses she has had direct involvement in range from catering/ delicatessen, gift shop, organic farm, children’s wear, market stalls selling various items from bread to trailer lights.

Since 1996 she has been involved in a teaching and administrative role in the Federal Government sponsored NEIS program and through that has helped over 1,000 people get started in their own business. These businesses have covered a vast variety of areas including manufacturing, clowning, artistic endeavours, fast food businesses, translation services and many more. She was a part time TAFE teacher from  1999 to 2005 when the Australian Small Business Centre needed more of her time.  Her subjects at TAFE were business planning, resource management, financial planning, communication skills, marketing and promotion of business, record keeping and tax law.

She started her own consultancy in 1999 providing personal and business mentoring services under the name of Guardian Angels Consultants. In 2000 after the release of ‘Starting a Business in Australia’ the business was renamed The Australian Small Business Centre Pty Ltd as it more realistically reflected the activities and services provided by the business.

The second Edition of ‘Starting a Business in Australia’ was released in January 2004’. This book focuses on business start up, getting a business back to basics and business planning. It is available from the centre.

January 2006 Maggie’s most recent book was released. ‘Starting and Surviving, in Business in Australia’ was published by New Holland Publishers and is available here as well as in all good book shops. This book looks at the issues a potential business person needs to look at prior to or soon after starting a business. (Listen to interviews on Dennis Routzou Breakfast Show  May 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th 2007)

Maggie has also been interviewed on Qantas radio for the inflight Business Show Dennis Rutzos on drive time radio and on the David Koch Sky TV show Money Matters. She is available as a guest speaker. She writes business plans, runs workshops, seminars and courses for the centre and is the ‘coach of choice’ for long distance clients wishing to access help via Voice over Technology or phone. She is constantly working on new products and services to help people in business better manage their businesses, but takes time out to write the newsletter which is delivered on request only.

She is approachable and easy to talk to and is just as excited about expanding the services of the Centre as much as saying hello to each and every client.

On a personal note her interests include singing, writing, internet, movies and spending time with her family and friends.

If you wish to connect on social media you will find her on

She has a particular interest in all things ‘green’  and was the moving force  for  the  Centre to become part of the  10 Thousand Trees   program

The Australian Small Business Centre Pty Ltd has joined the 10 Thousand Trees initiative to make paper a sustainable resource. 10 Thousand Trees promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of paper use by planting trees to offset current use, growing those trees to maturity, and then reinvesting into more trees generation after generation. You can help support our efforts to create a sustainable future for Australia’s grandchildren. The Australian Small Business Centre Pty Ltd has been awarded the Platinum Offset Status Level and has started a legacy of 2,327 trees with 10 Thousand Trees.Find out more at

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