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10 Things You Need to Know When Starting a Business’.

10 Things You Need to Know When Starting a Business

It’s Cheap but full of value for the business starter. You can’t afford to miss this one. Have you got the RIGHT idea and do you know how to expand that idea into a profitable business? This easy to ready E-Book can help you

Easy Business Plan Pack


Winners know where they are going . They set their goals, lay down  plans and know exactly where they should be at any given time.
Count yourself in – start today – follow the simple step by step instructions and you’ll soon be moving towards your business success.  We have the spreadsheets and the format. You get your OWN  ‘pathway to success’ business plan. more

Financial Pack

Don’t panic – help is on the way

Spreadsheets make number crunching easy
We bring you financial spreadsheets to help with your business planning. Included in the pack are three main financial files – (one of which will suit any business model) Instructions on how to use them and if necessary to modify them, as well as a FUN cartoon tutorial for newcomers to Excel.

Starting your Own Business – E-Book

This book comes highly recommended by business planners, trainers and students of business as well as those already in business. The focus is on the essential business plan and refocusing of business ideas. Most books focus on the theory of business, but this one shows you the practical applications of all that theory.

‘Starting a Business in Australia’ is written by the Number 1 business planner in the country, Maggie Ric…

Partnership Agreement

Join thousands of successful business entrepreneurs who have used this easy to understand agreement.more details

You will have heard that partnerships are the most risky of all business structures for new business and it is therefore a wise move to ensure that you have a quality document to protect both you, your partner AND your assets should the partnership fail.
All business advisors agree that a contract should be set up prior to commencement of the business. NO EXCEPTIONS. Don’t fall for the ‘we’re friends – we don’t need a contract’ line. It’s your life, it’s your money – Protect it. Our price: AUD$47.00 including GST

More Money for Me

There are many books on the market that teach you how to increase the money flow through the front door of your business. They all have a legitimate purpose and without that flow there will be NO profit. So the first action in maximising profit is to make sales. Understanding the sales process is important but you really do need to understand how the money flows IN and OUT BEFORE you make the sales so as to maximise the possibility of keeping more of the sales dollar in your pocket.

– Learn how profit is made – Learn how to plug the holes in your business – Learn how to cost correctly so as to maintain profitability. – Learn how to keep the money in YOUR pocket.

You’ve heard about the bottom lines – there are two – to be truly successful you need to learn how they operate and how to make them work for you.

The longer you hesitate the more money you give to someone else. Download now. $27.50

Winning the GST Game & Completing Your BAS

This information can keep thousands of dollars in YOUR pocket and away from the taxmanAt only $17 it is better than a ticket in the lottery. Managing GST is a GAME and if you don’t know the rules – YOU LOSE. This is only a small booklet but you can save thousands of dollars. It can make the difference between making a profit or losing. Learn the rules NOW.

Imagine walking out on a football field where everyone else knows the rules except you. How will you fare? How many goals will you score? Will you walk off the field better off than when you walked on?

We will show you HOW the GST game works and WHY you need to play. Don’t be the little guy who loses. You may think you are better off by staying out of the GST game –WRONG! Ignorance of ho…

How to Raise Venture Capital

Have you ever had a great idea for an invention that was obviously needed and wanted, but you didn’t go ahead with it? Then, a few months later, you saw it on the shelves, selling like hotcakes and someone else was getting paid for your idea? How did that make you feel?

How are you planning to get your business or invention to market? Look for someone to fund it and give away all the equity, copyright or patent rights? Allow someone else to take your idea and give you a pittance for it?

What if you could fund it AND retain the rights and control of the business?

What if it was to pay you a wage as well as the development costs?

What if it gave you access to all the knowledge and resources you needed as well?

And when it got to market, the invention was still yours? Nothing had been hijacked by greedy or control-hungry investors; your invention had become your business and created a great life for you….!

Read on – the street smart way of raising venture capital is at your fingertips!

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