Small Business Meetups

Small Business Meetings, But Only if You’re Serious

Come to a small business meeting and experience the excitement of your own mastermind group. Small Business Meetings are designed to provide small business owners with a safe place to share ideas and get experienced opinions.

Our Small Business meetings are casual and informal but also structured and with purpose to allow you to be yourself and share honest opinions and if the opportunity arises to do business in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Parking for Epitome Cafe Small Business Meetup

Parking for Epitome Cafe Small Business Meetup at Lane Cove in Sydney

Some networking events are too relaxed and have no structure at all. When there’s no structure and all the participants are strangers there’s no opportunity to get to know how your fellow business people think or what their opinions are.

In the Small Business StartUp meetings we cover topics centred around one of our blog posts, the Small Business StartUp Course topics, Inspiration for Business Ideas and support for Small Business StartUp Opportunities and each attendee is included in the conversation to share their experience and opinions as well as ask questions and get answers.

A common phrase amongst experienced networkers is that people generally do business with people that they know, like and trust and our small business meetups provide you with such an opportunity.

These meetups are inexpensive, so Come and visit us at a local cafe soon.. Register and RSVP.

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