Business Startup Course


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This business training course package includes software skills, practical tasks and words of advice from established business owners on the academic board. Includes:

  • Downloadable PDF training manuals
  • Sample exercise files
  • Video lectures & tutorials
  • Live data examples
  • Support from our team
  • Mentor support for your own circumstances
  • Help with marketing & websites
  • Microsoft Office Fundamentals


Whether you are buying an existing business, signing up to a franchise or starting your own business from scratch this Business Startup Training Course Package gives you the information, structure, templates and examples to start earning an income.

Some students just want to start working as an independent contractor, invoicing clients for the work they do after being an employee for most of their life. Other students have retired from the corporate world but still have plenty of time, knowledge and skills and want to keep working but may be at an age that is not as appealing to employers.

This training course package includes the following courses: