MYOB Quotes, Invoices, Purchases, A/R & A/P Training Course

MYOB Quotes and Invoices Sales Module

  • MYOB Main Command Centre screen, 
  • MYOB Sales Command Centre screen, 
  • MYOB sales layouts, 
  • entering items, 
  • changing item information, 
  • changing payment terms, 
  • entering a service invoice, 
  • time-billing and printing, 
  • creating a sales quote, 
  • creating a sales order, 
  • converting quote to order, 
  • converting order to invoice, 
  • convert order to invoice in sales register, 
  • inserting & deleting lines & headings

Finding Transaction Details

  • Sales register, 
  • transaction Journal, 
  • to do list navigation, 
  • to do list – AR and AP, 
  • intro to statements, 
  • intro to find transactions, 
  • find transactions in detail, 
  • keyboard shortcuts, 
  • receive payments and pay bills, 
  • custom lists in sales & purchases

Email and Print Invoices and Statements

  • Printing receipts, 
  • print or email an invoice, 
  • printing unprinted invoices, 
  • emailing or printing statements, 
  • email or print activity statements, 
  • invoice vs activity statements

Credits, Bad Debts and Reversals

  • Recording a cash sale, 
  • entering credits, 
  • settling credits and returns, 
  • bad debts, 
  • deleting payments & sales, 
  • reversing transactions, 
  • creating a card on the fly, 
  • creating an inventory item

Receipts and Part Payments

  • Apply a payment while invoicing, 
  • receive payments account, 
  • receive payments for an invoice, 
  • receive part payments, 
  • receive over payments

Purchases Module

  • Receive money and pay bills, 
  • creating a purchase, 
  • creating a purchase order, 
  • converting purchase order to bill, 
  • create an item credit, 
  • purchases register, 
  • settling credits, 
  • reverse or edit a purchase, 
  • how much do you owe, 
  • payment for purchases, 
  • analyse accounts payable

Banking Module

  • Intro to bank register, 
  • spend money, 
  • receive money

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