10 Report on Financial Activities

Financial reports profit & loss, balance sheetSo you’ve done the forward planning and forecasting; what about once things begin bubbling along and you need to start reporting how your finances are doing? This course go hand and hand with Plan Small Business Finances as it helps you see how you have performed compared to how you expected to perform.

For the most effective reporting you will be using an accounting program that enables you to produce reports about:

  • Cash-flow
  • Assets and Liabilities
  • Income vs Expenses
  • Profit and Loss Reports etc

It’s always best to manage your finances these days using an accounting program like MYOB because it is widely used and well supported by both bookkeepers and accountants. If you are interested in learning how MYOB can help you with your financial activities and reporting, take a look at our MYOB Training Course outline.

What you’ll learn:

This is a simple case study check list to ensure that students understand the financial process well enough to be able to ask intelligent questions of their accountant – and to understand the answers.

The case study looks at profit and loss statement of a small delicatessen/lunch bar – looking for reasons for decreases in sales and increases in profitability. At the end of the discussion the student will be able to analyse a financial report and make management decisions based on that analysis.

Subject 11: Selling your Products and Services

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