Hiring Contractors

Benefits of hiring contractors

Contractors operate their own business so it is generally perceived that they have more risk in getting continuous income. Although this is often the case in reality they just need to go through a better contract negotiation to secure regular work and more clearly defined conditions. The main benefits with hiring contractors is:

  • You only pay for what you need
  • You can use contractors short term or to fill a limited need
  • They tend to have more specific and defined skills
  • They equip themselves with the skills and tools they need to get work
  • You can use International contractors and pay less money

Problems with using contractors

Anyone who operates their own business will focus their time and efforts on increasing their revenue and doing more managing and less work, particularly so for remote contractors who don’t work in your office. This could result in someone less capable doing the work or the contractor not doing the work at all. They also operate in a competitive market where good contractor may price themselves out of what is considered the low cost international contractor market. Here are some common problems:

  • Establishing that they can do what they say they can
  • They may increase their prices more regularly
  • They may have other people do their work and just manage the outcome (more so for remote contractors)
  • They may not be available when you need them
  • They too are looking for regular consistent income

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