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Are you frustrated with the lack of REAL HELP for a business start-up?

We have assembled the wisdom from some very successful Australian business owners and combined it with the structure for the Certificate IV in Small Business Management to provide you with a total solution to help you build a successful business from scratch or provide you with the skills to be a confident business manager.

Whether you want to be a business owner or a business manager you will find the training you need all in one place.

Let’s start with the FREE stuff

• First we have a value packed newsletter that brings you helpful hints on getting your business started; and for those who started too quickly help to get back on track. Just enter your name on the right, click the link on the confirmation email and you will start to receive our management tips immediately.

Online Small Business Course

We provide training for the Certificate 4 in Small Business Management either accredited or non accredited and you have the opportunity to complete the course in only five days if you want (or the equivalent in night sessions). More info click here.

Note. The Certificate 4 Small Business Management is the basis for small business start-up and successful management of a business. You may choose to do it face to face or online, accredited or non-accredited, with extra support or not.

All modules on video – easy to follow – watch many times as needed. Student manual and spreadsheets included. The best bargain for anyone who is thinking of starting a business and /or needs a business plan.

I just wanted to thank you very quickly for taking the effort to send out your newsletters. Simple yet highly effective advice that all makes sense. I look forward to reading each one 

David Meyer www.univertsfcg.com

Online webinars

Our Small Business Online Course includes regular seminars to allow you to learn from a professional while providing you to ask questions and interact with the presenter. We cover topics that you need to be aware of when starting a business, as well as how to do that essential first business plan. Click Here and watch an example webinar.

Ask the question

If you can’t find the answer why not ring us and ask. Clients can call us to ask questions and If it’s a quick answer you will get it for free- if it’s complicated you may need to book a phone consultation.  The first rule of business management is to be able to ask the right questions.


Perhaps you want the answer to the most common question –How do I start a Pty Ltd company? The answer as to HOW and WHY you would choose this or perhaps a Sole Trader or Partnership structure for your business forms a chapter in our book ‘Starting a Business in Australia’ available to all clients.

We use to make this book available separately to anyone, but now it’s exclusive to clients and it’s included in your membership. Our book contains information on financial planning, marketing, business planning and much more.

The Business Idea

The most important part of any business is the idea. Sometimes the idea comes to you driven by your passion and sometimes you start off with a seed, but need to do some research – we can help point you in the right direction.

Extra Training Tools

To complete your small business training we now have access to Online Courses in

  1. MYOB accounting software,
  2. WordPress blogging and website design courses
  3. Microsoft Office (incl. Word and Excel training

And then to complete your management information, we have the very popular and highly comprehensive manual ‘How to Sell Your Business’ Kit. Yes I know it’s your baby right now but one day you will want to walk away. So be a good Scout – Be Prepared and you will walk away with the best price. It’s just good business.

We can also help you with
• Professional help with your business plans
• E-Books
• Terms of Trade – Quotations – Debt Collection

Our book Starting a Business in Australia or a Starting Pack would be a great gift for a student of business or the entrepreneur of the family – so why not give a gift voucher for your next special occasion? The books are easy to read and understand ( you can preview to make sure ). They cover all the necessities for business start-up and planning for a business in Australia.

A starter pack gift gives an extra incentive and support for the business person who is ready to test their entrepreneurial ideas and the Courses and Management Packs are designed for those who really want the best information and perhaps, a hand to hold as they put together their business plan.

Legal Information

Apart from your partnership agreement you may need to put your Terms of Trade and other procedures in place to Avoid Loss of Profit. Many new business owners try to short circuit essential documentation in their hurry to ‘get into business’ . An instance of this is where terms of trade are not addressed leading to loss of rights when debts need to be recovered. Some new business people copy the terms of trade from another business person not realising that they are not always relevant to their own business. When relevant terms of trade are in place along with supporting procedures credit defaulters can be kept to a minimum.

If you want to talk about ‘any little thing ‘ just phone 1300 302 698. We are waiting to talk to you now.

The Australian Small Business Training and Support

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