A KEY COMPONENT of a digital marketing project plan is communication. And not just with your customers, which is the goal of your digital marketing campaign, but with internal stakeholders; your staff, contractors and business partners.

Communication fixes problems

Sometimes all it takes to solve a problem in your digital marketing project plan is a little lively discussion with employees and other stakeholders in your business. But so often people don’t like to communicate information that they perceive will be interpreted or received in a negative way.

Sometimes it’s because people fear, and try to avoid, confrontation. Other times they just don’t know quite how to communicate a problem or issue, or they simply hope it will just go away. In this way, it’s put it in the too hard basket until it’s absolutely necessary to be conveyed — by which time negative consequences have probably already happened.

Indeed, it’s times like this that communication is most important.  Customers and employees need and want to be kept in the loop; just as you want to know where you stand. Communication breeds trust and often a fresh set of eyes can yield positive results. Two heads are better than one; four are better than two, and so on and so on.

If the problem is a concept the team isn’t grasping, explaining it in person will often solve the problem pretty much immediately. But if the problem requires a different approach to solving a familiar problem, a brainstorming session with your team together can yield far better results than sitting on your own, trying to pries the inspiration from your brain.

Stay motivated

As with any business, once the initial excitement and momentum of a new marketing campaign wears off, it’s easily forgotten. Regular communication with key stakeholders in your business and team can help keep that momentum going and ensure everyone stays on track. (This can be applied to virtually any business initiative, be it sales, marketing, R&D.)

Build morale

Happy employees make for a happy business, and communication is a key metric on which an employee’s happiness can be measured. When you communicate business developments, milestones and initiatives with staff, they feel as though they’re contributing to the overall success of the business. They feel included and valued, and that serves as encouragement to keep it up. And their continued good work does contribute to the success of the business, so keep communicating.

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