Course Funding and Scholarships

The commitment it takes to complete a Business Startup & Management Course is a commitment to designing your working life. The commitment in time, energy and money generates rewards that  you’ll see in the future when you implement the skills you’ve learnt in the course and use the planning document you create.

Interest free Course Fees

To make the financial aspect of course fees easier we have established a course funding and scholarship program that you may be eligible to take advantage of.


We are passionate about small business in Australia and love learning about new startups and great ideas and the passion behind the entrepreneurs who think of them so we’ve established the small business management scholarship program.

Course funding is available for the Business Startup Cloud Package where you can create a simple yet thorough business plan, set your pricing and design a marketing strategy and manage the financials using Xero Accounting Software from Setup to Budgets.

Learn more about the Startup Cloud Package


Government Funding

The Federal Government has some incentives that are available to people who need to up-skill to be more productive in their current job or re-skill to find employment that is more relevant in today’s digital, work from home environment. 

The Australian Small Business Blog

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OUR BLOG PROVIDES information about bookkeeping, social media, small business operations and marketing and a whole lot more. It will keep you up to speed with new and emerging trends and technologies, as well as updates to our courses. Other blog announcements include:
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