Review and maintain a website (using WordPress)

  • Understand what is important in the business website
  • Discover trends in website activity
  • Use feedback and questions from customers to uncover website changes
  • Document page and link issues
  • Describe where changes need to be made and what they are
  • Understand cost, resource requirements and time required for website changes
  • Recommend website changes
  • Understand the link between website pages & organisational marketing goals


Course Delivery

This pre-accredited course is designed around the Australian federal government training criteria using real world software Content management systems and commercial website technology.

Review & Assess

  • Review website content
  • Analyse customer feedback
  • Using Feedback forms
  • Collect website data and analytics
  • Identify trends
  • Analyse data & trends
  • Financial implications

Edit and publish website changes

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Passwords
  • Updating a website
  • Ensure accuracy – Editing process
  • Active and inactive links
  • Site maintenance
  • Security procedures
  • Legal requirements

The Career Academy pathway to Nationally accredited training

After completing the pre-accredited online short course students can either go into business for themselves or explore options to complete a nationally accredited qualification and receive a Nationally recognised certificate.

Elements and Performance Criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1 Review website content and use

1.1 Monitor and analyse customer and user feedback in accordance with organisational timelines

1.2 Analyse automatically collected website data and identify trends

1.3 Make recommendations on changes to website and its content in response to feedback and data analysis, and approve changes scheduled for implementation

1.4 Review cost implications of the recommended changes to determine their viability

2 Update website

2.1 Replace superseded and inaccurate information with current information and add additional material in accordance with organisational requirements

2.2 Follow protocols for ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of information

2.3 Remove services no longer available or required and add new ones in accordance with organisational requirements

2.4 Check offline information against that posted on the website and rectify any discrepancies in accordance with organisational timelines

2.5 Follow security procedures for updating the website

3 Carry out non-technical site maintenance

3.1 Analyse user feedback to confirm website faults are not user issues

3.2 Rectify faults and make improvements to website in response to user feedback approved by the organisation

3.3 Add new web pages and/or active links and remove redundant pages and links in accordance with organisational requirements

3.4 Make website changes in response to changes in marketing strategy, in accordance with organisational requirements and consideration of cost benefits

These are the requirements of the BSBEBU401 – Review and maintain a website training package