uni students

Uni is one thing, but work in the real world is quite another.

Did you know that Germany has some of the lowest rates of youth-unemployment (and unemployment in all age groups) in the developed world? Why is this so? Because of their education system, speculate many economists.

Limitless Potential

Study a Bachelor of Business at any university in Australia or pretty much anywhere in the developed world and what is it like? Three years of full-time study in the safe, insular and often lofty confines of a university campus.

During your university days, anything seems possible, and often, deserved; but after you graduate it tends to be a different story.

Without any tangible work experience, that degree isn’t so much use (not straight away, anyhow). After all, what does a university graduate really know about running a business when they have probably never even worked in one?

Simulating the Workplace Experience

German university graduates don’t have that problem. Their university system more closely mirrors that of Australia’s VET system, where a degree is completed more like an apprenticeship with a position at a company in your designated industry and designated field.

At the end of their three-year degree, German graduates have their degree and three years of tangible work experience behind them. Their future employment prospects and contributions they can make are not only improved, but because they have a real-world understanding of their industry, they even perform better at university.

Meet Entrepreneurs While You Study

At the Australian Small Business Centre, we understand that you need to experience the real world before you can properly understand how to run a business or even provide specialised assistance to business owners.

While we can’t place in you a job as you study, we can offer you (what we think is) the next best thing: video interviews with successful business owners so you know what to expect when you get out in the real world.

Our Small Business Management Course is designed to give our students a sense of reality while they’re studying. This way, you have the confidence, the skills and the real-world experience to build and start your own successful business.