Why do a small business training course?

Why do small business courses?

Starting a business

Start a business in Australia***

When you think about working for yourself, a number of pleasantries spring to mind. You:

  • can dictate your own hours;
  • have the freedom to take time off when you want or need to;
  • can do what you want to do — when you want to do it — all in the location of your choice.

There’s no doubt about it; starting a business is one of the most challenging, but rewarding, things you can do. A lot of people talk about doing it, and many want to, but most never end up doing it. This might be because they think it takes luck, a clever idea or just knowing the right people. That’s not true.

Starting your own business is really all about you.

Of course, working for yourself can also be frustrating and challenging and it requires discipline and, for many, the freedom of being in control can be terrifying! The pressure of knowing that your success or failure completely relies on you can be daunting at first — particularly if you have a family to support. There may well be no regular monthly pay cheque coming in and you might find yourself working long hours to build your business up to the point where you can comfortably live off it. BUT —

For those people who succeed in doing it, working for yourself is the ultimate in personal freedom and fulfillment. You can make a lot of money too.

Looking for Work

mums returning to workManaging any business, even if it’s not your own, includes the same challenges a business owner has to deal with. The biggest difference is that you get paid a salary and the business owner gets paid dividends (or wages if they work in the business as well).

Either way, all businesses need to be managed by someone and all good businesses are managed according to a business plan — something we can help you create.

If you are looking for work, already running your own business, or looking to do so, or you simply want to further your career, this course will give you excellent credentials to achieve your goals.

Progression and becoming more valuable where you currently work

Job security, advancement and status are things that all employees strive for (in varying degrees) and with the rapid changes in technology and international business it is important for employees as well as business owners and manager keep abreast of what is going on. Sales and Marketing rolls and responsibilities are changing because of the Internet, but so too the tools available for operation and financial management are evolving.

Employees who take the time and effort to learn and evolve become very valuable to a business particularly if that business is affected by changes and the small business management courses will help you understand how to manage these changes at level above the day to day.

Promotion to Small Business Management

If you are currently seeking skills to work in a small business in a management position because of a change in your employment circumstances we understand your situation. We’ve helped many Defence force personnel make the transition from the Defence Forces to the private sector and we’ve also helped employees who’ve been injured in the workplace and need to perform more sedentary job roles.

Through our relationship with Rehabilitation Consultants working with WorkCover insurers like QBE, CGU and all the major Workcover insurers, we understand the requirements in these circumstances and can help. Read more…

Even if you are an employee and currently working this course will give you skills that can help you get that promotion and become more valuable in your work place.

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