The value of a community

Work at home mums WAHM is an online community funded by services and advertising - on sale at FlippaIn 2006 I closed the doors of the EzyLearn training centre in Dee Why and focused on both re-skilling myself to better understand financial markets and investments (Graduate Diploma in Financial Markets) and digital & social media marketing to convert EzyLearn into an online only business. Along that journey I came across some major obstacles and they included:

  • How do package our courses into an online format and make them attractive to students, and
  • How to support students online.

One of the best things about operating an online business is that I am now able to work from home (save commercial rent) and move out of Sydney up to Lake Macquarie where my family and I have a much better lifestyle. It also opened my eyes to the huge potential of have a workforce located all over Australia and even the world who work from their own home office!

Mums and Dads working from home

EzyLearn has a team of 8 who are spread all over Australia and the world and this has been made possible by massive improvements in technology, mobile phones, web applications, online payments, but it’s also possible because most people understand that they can actually work and run a business from home.

visitor and contractor management and compliance, visitor booksEven when I operated EzyAccess, a compliance management system used in hospitals, councils, commercial offices and aged care facilities most of our team were scattered all over the country. We were meeting with large companies, some of them publicly listed companies, and having meetings with “C-Level” executives and despite having a modest corporate office in Chatswood most of the team worked from their own homes.

EzyAccess was sold and the business it was sold to was ran into the ground, which is sad, but if you want to see what we’re doing in the visitor management and contractor compliance space subscribe to ezyDB!

Netfleet and domain name sales WAHM domain name no longer sold hereHow do you value a business?

When I learnt recently that a community dedicated for work at home mums was for sale I took a look at what is for sale and thought you should know about it. One of our subjects covers valuation and the value of a business and this business looks like a classic business with a lot of potential upside, the problem is how to achieve the upside.

If you are interested, why not take a look at WorkAtHomeMums for sale on Flippa and enjoy trying to understand how domain names and their attached business are valued and what they’re worth. There are also sites like NetFleet where just domain names themselves are listed for sale.

I hope Leah gets a good price for all the work she’s put in.