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Business Plans can be tricky to write. Get an expert to review your plan

Business Plans can be tricky to write. Get an expert to review your plan

If you have developed your plan and want some advice on whether it will hit the mark for an investor or finance provider, a business plan review will give you detailed feedback and recommend improvements.

Nicola, is a Chartered Accountant and a member of our academic board and she will spend up to 3 hours to go through your business plan to pick areas where it can be fine tuned for success and provide you with a report to demonstrate improvements you or your business plan writer can make.

Nicola has spent time working on both sides of the Mergers and Acquisition table so she understands the decision drivers of

  • Startup Entrepreneurs who are looking for investors
  • Owners of established businesses who are looking to exit the business as part of their succession planning and
  • Large public companies looking for acquisition targets

From her vast experience of almost 15 years in the industry, her excellent spreadsheet skills, her literature degree and her experience of being a chartered accountant Nicola will go through the 7 step process to critique your business plan and ensure you understand what needs to be in the plan to make it succeed for your purpose.

So many business people know their businesses very well but fail to communicate the key selling features and opportunities for growth
says Nicola from her experience in writing and evaluating business plans.

These are the steps that Nicola goes through to provide your business plan review:

  1. Executive summary/overview. Do you have a compelling executive summary that will create interest? Does it lead the reader to a decision or action that makes them what to read further?
  2. Your market – have you identified your target market? Are you aware of the threats and opportunities in your market?
  3. Does your plan clearly define what you do and how you do it?
  4. Is there a detailed marketing plan that shows how you will reach your customers?
  5. Do you have detailed financial projections that are aligned to your ‘story’? Are the projections based on realistic assumptions around your market, your size and your past performance?
  6. Do you have the appropriate assets, equipment and people needed to meet your goals? Have you factored in the costs of acquiring new resources?
  7. Does your plan identify the potential risks for your business? What do you have in place to mitigate those risks?

Order a comprehensive review of your plan with comments, remarks and suggestions to help you fine tune your plan.

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