Why Hiring a Home-Based Bookkeeper Means More Personalised Service

home based bookkeeper personalised service

A bookkeeper who really knows your business may spot anomalies in your books you might otherwise miss.


There are many ways that modern contract bookkeepers can stand out from their competitors. Firstly, they’re willing to share their knowledge and teach you about their processes; and secondly, they’ll teach you about technology that will make your business more efficient.

But the absolute best bookkeeper will possess both those qualities, and also work as a contractor. Ideally, they’ll even work as a home-based bookkeeper, which will keep your bookkeeping bill down even further.


Contract bookkeepers know your business

When you hire a contract bookkeeper to work with your business, they get to really know your business, no matter which software program or package you choose to use, or want to learn to use. This is different to using the bookkeeping services of your accountant, where a different person works on your books each time and never really gets to know your business.

When your bookkeeper knows and understands your business, they’ll be able to pick up on any irregularities or errors — say an unusually large bill from a supplier — and deal with it for you.


Complete payroll management

Some bookkeepers will even manage all aspects of your payroll and liaise directly with your staff. Payroll is a big job, even with the introduction of Super Stream and MYOB’s single-touch payroll.

Much of it relies on getting accurate information from staff members and understanding things like, tax thresholds, higher education loan program (HELP) payments — which can be complicated further if the staff member wants to voluntarily sacrifice more of their pay towards their HELP debt.


Provide better customer service

Besides liaising with your staff, your contract bookkeeper may also perform basic credit management, by dealing with your debtors and creditors to ensure invoices are paid on time.

With a contract bookkeeper acting as your dedicated accounts department, you’re able to provide your clients, suppliers and staff with excellent customer service when they do business or work with you.


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