Reasons To Do A Small Business Management Course

Small Business is a massive driver of revenue for the Australian government and a huge employer of the nations population. We are also a very innovative population who are willing to give a small business a go.

Some people do a small business management course because they want to start or grow their own business, but many other students benefit. Here are some examples:

Defence Force Transition to Work

If you are working for an organisation like the Australian Defence Forces and are no longer able to work for them or are moving out of service to re-enter the workforce you can enrol into this course in your transition to the workforce program. Learn more..

Employee or Job Seeker

If you are an employee and really want to get ahead in your current job role or are looking for employment, the diligence you show by completing a thorough and comprehensive small business management course with the Australian Small Business Centre will demonstrate your drive and commitment  You’ll also find that you will be able to talk to more employees about their roles within the business. Read more..

Start-Up Business

If you are a start-up and have a fantastic idea but are not sure what steps to take next, this course will give you the structure you need to thoroughly explore your idea, its validity and whether there is a market for it. The Small Business Management Course will also help you put financials together (including forecasts) that could be the difference between finding an investor or you having to bootstrap it alone. Read more..

Existing Business Owner

If you are an existing business owner and feel a little stale because you have been running your current business for too long without a clear focus or goal, you’ll find that this course will help give you more clarity to re-energise yourself and strive for new highs — you may even end up selling your business as a result. Read more..

Up-To-Date Interviews

Do you find that you don’t have the knowledge to create a website, do your own marketing, set up systems or other aspects of managing your business and want to learn about how the experts do it today? Get insights from experts who are performing these tasks for businesses all over Australia today! Read more..

Course Funding and Scholarships

Are you are Start-up and have a great idea, but need some expertise to help you in key aspects of your business? Do you need to write a business plan to attract investors? We love small business and have funded courses via scholarships to keen entrepreneurs who are willing to put their ideas into a plan. Read more..

The Australian Small Business Training and Support

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