Small Business Marketing Guru

Small Business Marketing Guru

Our training course for small business management is now online and we are busily adding fresh content from some of Australia’s most successful small business owners!

If you have read our About Us page, you’ll understand our philosophy of combining theory with real world information — and to kick things off we are sharing a video with Australia’s Small Business Marketing Guru, Michael Griffiths.

Marketing experts say that you need to have many different types of marketing on the go at any one time to ensure that there are many sources for leads for the products or services you provide. One of the most important these days is your website. We recently heard Michael speak and wanted to share this information with you because it is a critical to the success of most small business owners.

We are in the era of social awareness. You are now aware of what your friends and business connections want to share with you via a number of different social websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus. As a result of this awareness you probably want to explore a little bit more about most people you buy products or services from don’t you?

The question to ask then is:

what is the true role of social media for small business owners

and Michael will demonstrate in this short training video a very simple, yet comprehensive lesson, about what you should have on your website and the role of social media in your online and website marketing strategy.

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