Australia Post entices customers to e-invoicing with $25 gift card

AusPost Digital Mailbox, electronic mail redirection, personal storage like dropbox and connecting new servicesIf you have had to renew your PO Box recently you probably received an offer to switch to e-invoicing and why wouldn’t you? Save money, receive yearly invoices in your email and get $25 bucks. We looked at their campaign from a different angle as well – marketing, the business marketplace and competitive analysis. When you activate your digital mailbox you discover that you can store files there (just like you can using Dropbox) AND you can redirect mail from major utilities, councils etc.

[Market Research] Utility connections source of income for

If you have been following the real estate market like the digital marketing people at 123ezy, you’d know that connection of utilities and other location services is a service offered by many independent companies as well as the powerful property portal that is partly owned by News Corp ( using their Connect service.

Australia Post has recently increased the cost of ordinary postage within Australia from 70c to $1 but a little known fact is that ordinary post can now take up to 2 extra days to arrive at their destination. But that is 2 extra days ON TOP OF the usual 1-4 days of what is called Priority.

Commissions on new business paid to

Australia Post has experience a significant reduction in mail volumes in their last financial year and a rare loss on the services they provide so like every enterprise they need to explore ways of reducing their costs AND increasing their revenue. Everybody who moves into a new home need utility services like power, water, phone, Internet, Pay TV etc and all of these utilities want to get the new business so they’re willing to pay a commission for new connections. being arguably the biggest property portal in Australia are in a fantastic position to leverage what they currently do to earn some extra revenue.

[PROMO] We explore different ways of earning revenue when you start your own business in our Business StartUp Course at EzyLearn and one of the subjects is researching the market.

Australia Post are also in a fantastic place to offer connection services because people need to redirect their mail when they move house and they would be in an excellent position to do some market research amongst their own customers about the viability of a utilities connection service. Would you like to guess how long it takes Australia Post to enter the connections services space. Is this a concern for companies like seeing that the Australian Federal Government is AusPosts biggest shareholder?

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