newspaper advertising small businessWhen to Use Newspapers for Advertising

Newspapers might seem old school, but a lot of your customers might be old school too. As part of our Small Business Management Course we have a Business Planning and Introduction to Small Business Marketing Course where you can discover some of the options available to you.

Ours’ is a modern and realistic small business course with an emphasis on practical, real life stories from successful business owners. As such, we’ve interviewed Ivan Cunningham — a 20-year veteran in the newspaper business — to discover some of the secrets of advertising using this medium.

Ours’ is a modern and realistic small business course with an emphasis on practical, real life stories from successful business owners.

In this blog post we introduce him via a very quick, but informative, interview. When you enrol into our Complete Business Cloud Startup Course, you’ll experience a more in-depth interview whereby Ivan will cover small business marketing topics including how to get the absolute most out of:

  • AICDA (Attention, Interest, Conviction, Decision, Action)
  • Repetition
  • Ad placement
  • Using relevant and catchy headlines
  • Calls to action
  • Limited time offers

Enjoy the introduction video and if you are serious about starting or building a business — or becoming more important in your current role — enrol in our online Complete Business Cloud Package and learn how to manage your business in every aspect from sales and marketing to accounting and finance.

Small Business Marketing can be fun and very creative, but like most things in small business, experience can mean the difference between throwing your small business marketing dollars away — or getting exceptional value.

The Complete Business Startup Cloud Package is now available with interest free finance at $20 per week.


If you are looking to start a business as a bookkeeper, website designer using WordPress, remote or virtual worker (working from home) then enrol and join our small business community.


VIDEO – “Ivan Cunningham – Introduction to Newspaper Advertising for Small Businesses”

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