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When a small business is looking for an independent contractor to supply services there are many things that they look for. It starts with the knowledge that the contractor has their own business and can perform the work on a contracting basis. As evidence of this you normally need a certificate to confirm that you have a registered business or company.

Knowledge and formal qualifications are very important because they demonstrate a commitment to organised education and the discipline that is required to complete these studies. Once completed you enter the workforce where your formal qualifications are put to the test in the real world where you need to innovate and use initiative to solve real world problems using your formal qualifications and your own intuition.

The only indication of your real world ability is in what you managed to achieve for others. How your skills and intuition helped a small business solve a problem and this is often the result of recommendation or awards.

If you’d like to use the Australian Small Business Centre “Certified Contractor” logo and allow us to put your skills and experience to the test for small business owners and managers Australia wide, complete the certification request form and get rated by your customers.

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