15 Hiring and Managing People

Human Resources Starts With a Job Description

Learn how existing business owners go about the hiring process, from the initial budget to the job description, job ad wording, hiring process and finally the on-boarding process to induct new stuff members into the business.

Explore HR hiring tasks with several members of our academic board because when human resources management is done right in a small business at the hiring stage it saves a lot of headache down the track and ensures that your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Job ad submissions and shortlisting

Short-listing job applicants is one of the most time consuming tasks in the HR hiring process so many of the large job boards have built tools to help you navigate the shortlisting process, including the automatic sending of emails to applicants who don’t make the shortlist.

A significant challenge for the HR manager is to manage the correspondence back and forth between each candidate as well as verifying information on the resume or CV.

A very important step in the hiring process is to understand how well the new employee would work with your existing team. It’s called culture and involves some deeper “getting to know you techniques”.

On-boarding and Training

The process you take a new staff member through reflects the way you manage all other aspects of your business so it’s important to get this step right, particularly as your business gets larger.

New employee induction courses & regular ongoing training courses help produce a healthy and organised team that are all on the same page.

Payroll Administration


Award wages and conditions are important for employees and affect their lives and livelihood and because they relate to ATO compliance and superannuation payments you must get all the information correct.

Using modern accounting software like Xero, MYOB AccountRight and MYOB Essentials (Cloud) and Quickbook Online can assist you in this process because the procedures are built into the software.

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Performance Management and Reporting

Most training programs are ongoing these days and part of the daily, weekly and monthly reporting should include aspects of human resources management, including per person accountability and processes for re-training staff who stray from goals and rewarding staff who perform above expectation.

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