16 Systemising your Business

An Operations Manuals Helps to Systemise Your Business

Most business owners perform the same tasks everyday and good business owners regularly explore how to perform these tasks better. If you systemise the steps or the process for each of these tasks you can refer to a written document when that task needs to be completed in the future – like when you are training a new employee.

We explore the various tasks that can be systemised in most businesses and hear from some business owners who follow an operations manual for their daily, weekly and monthly tasks. We explore the tools and industry accreditations that confirm that you do in fact operate your business according to clearly defined and replicable tasks, like ISO 9001 etc

Operations Manuals Can Start Very Simply

We explore a rudimentary operations manual and reveal how this can be the simple starting point to systemising your business processes. Your operations manual can help reduce staff churn, it can shorten the time it takes to get new employees up to speed, it can enable quick troubleshooting of any issues or customer service complaints and it can increase the value of your business when you sell it.

The most important thing to remember about an operations manual is that you are simply documenting the processes you follow when you do a task. The complicated part is that you have to document everything you do in your business and that is why it is important for many people to start with a basic template and build on that template regularly.

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