The ATO will be Visiting Cash Businesses

Cashed-based business? Time to move ahead CASH CONTINUES TO be common in some types of businesses. However, the ATO urges Australian businesses to be aware of the numerous advantages of electronic payment and record keeping systems — especially in the long run. The...

Do Circulating Asset Provisions Protect You?

How to use your assets as security for a loan YOUR BUSINESS MAY need working capital in order to grow, but perhaps you are reluctant or unable to secure a loan for it. If you have in place sound credit management procedures, one option is to sell your receivables —...

Are Customers Legally Obligated to Pay You?

Want to get paid? Have a contract in place! THERE ARE PLENTY of risks to operating your own business, but the largest ongoing one is making certain that your customers pay you, and do so on time. This is known as debt or credit management. Each state has their own set...

20 Questions You Need to Ask Before Starting a Business – Part I

Business structure and needs analysis when starting a business There are about twenty questions everyone should ask before starting a business. Most of those questions we cover in our Small Business Management Courses, while others we assume you’ve already thought...
Knowing MY Luck…

Knowing MY Luck…

In a couple of our recent posts, we’ve talked about… well, we’ve talked about my family, largely, but we’ve also talked about things like planning and strategising and setting goals for yourself, as well as having confidence in ourselves. Now I just want to add one...

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