Digital Marketing Strategies to Help an Asbestos Removal Company Stand Out Online

Google can be everyone’s friend; even when it comes to removing asbestos Asbestos and the removal of asbestos is not a subject that gets the heart pumping with excitement — in fact, it usually fills it with dread. When homeowners realise, or even just suspect,...

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What do real estate agents need to worry about digital business courses for? We’ve written a lot about bookkeeping and other professional services businesses but we’ve never touched on the topic of real estate agents and after learning more about how they...

Current unemployment rate highest in Australia than peak of GFC

Is there security in being an employee? The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently announced that the unemployment rate had fallen to 6 percent; news that was probably met with a collective mopping of eyebrows and sighs of relief from the Abbott government which has...
Knowing MY Luck…

Knowing MY Luck…

In a couple of our recent posts, we’ve talked about… well, we’ve talked about my family, largely, but we’ve also talked about things like planning and strategising and setting goals for yourself, as well as having confidence in ourselves. Now I just want to add one...
Don’t Ask Me What To Do Next!

Don’t Ask Me What To Do Next!

A little while ago, we published a post about goal setting, where we suggested that you start setting some short-term business goals that will help deliver your long-term business goals. The majority of people are familiar with long-term goal setting; it’s a...
Setting Goals: What Makes or Break Them?

Setting Goals: What Makes or Break Them?

In a previous post we talked about how important it is to plan and keep taking risks in business. A big part of planning is goal setting; in fact, the two are so intimately linked, it’s impossible to really do one without the other. In our Small Business Management...
Hit The Marketing Nail On The Head: Advertising Mediums, Keywords and Landing Pages

Hit The Marketing Nail On The Head: Advertising Mediums, Keywords and Landing Pages

In our previous post we talked to Alice Totonjian, the owner of Alice in Paperland, a Sydney-based paper-craft factory outlet, who shared her marketing success story with us, which highlighted that a key component to successfully marketing your business is selecting...
Marketing Case Study: Guess Who’s Coming For Craft?

Marketing Case Study: Guess Who’s Coming For Craft?

We help you develop a marketing action plan in our Small Business Management course, which includes determining the correct marketing medium for your business, whether that includes traditional media or new online marketing mediums. In our breakfast meet-up this week,...

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